help! burnt leaves.

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  1. well im 6 weeks into my veg cycle. lights are 3 23 watt bulbs and 2 100 watts. they were doing pretty good until now. i have no added any nuets or anything yet. help!

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  2. what soil are you using and whats the ph of the water your watering with
  3. im using mg soil. the ph of the water is around 7 but i just found out the soil is at 8 right now. what can i use to lower the ph to about 6?
  4. ok your first problem is your soil mg is to hot for plant that size
    2. ph in the soil is to high
    you can use white vinegar to drop the ph in the water
    do not take ph lower then 6.3 and no higher then 6.8
    6.5 is best
  5. 1. more thing flush with ph,ed water to help drop the ph in the soil
    and get nute level down
  6. alright sounds good. im trying to do research on flushing but i can only find stuff about flushing before harvest. so what should i actually do for the flush?
  7. use 3x as much water as soil so if they are in 1 gallon of soil you want to use 3 gallon of ph,ed water 6.5
  8. so since there in 3 gallon pots 9 gallons of water? seems to much.
  9. it will clean ok the soil use at least 6 gallon should use 9 but 6 will be ok
  10. alright ill get on that. so after this i wont need to water for a looong time.
  11. so i did what you said and now this happened.

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  12. the soil is holding to much water did you mix any thing in the soil
    or just mg soil

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