help bugs!!!

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  1. about a week or two ago i noticed a couple tiny white bugs in my soil. today they are everywhere and i even saw a tiny long skinny white one that kind of had the shape of a cenitpede :eek: what are these and what sould i do about it??:confused: please help!!
  2. they could be fungus gnats. did the centipede thing looks more like a maggot? do you have any fliers? is it indoor or outdoor? did you take any preventitive measures like spraying neem? pictures if you can
  3. It does sounds like fungus gnats. You will know in a couple of days if you got little gnats flying around and laying more eggs. My local store carries a gnaticide (it is BT [Bacillus thuringiensis] toxin that is used as a drench). Kills them right quick.
  4. Nope.

    They sound exactly like the common soil mite and assorted
    little arthropods that only feed on the composting organic matter.

    I now and then get real baked, get my magnifyer and get my head
    right in there to watch these amazing little creatures.

    They wont hurt a thing.


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