HELP!!!! Bugs with 19 days left!?

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  1. Ok so I made a passive intake uncovered in floor and now with 19 days left I have the tiniest white flying bugs I have ever seen. Well I should say they are smaller than the white flys I have seen before and are jumping and flying off the bud leaves, fans ect. Also found what looks like trip sized shaped ones not flying on top of my black topped rez lid. Question: should I neem em or will they do any real harm in these last days? Have neemed late in flower for spider mites with no ill effects but rather not if don't have to. Just don't want to lose all this work so late in the process. Thanks.
  2. Hey.

    Could ya check your soil real quick like, for larvae ???

  3. Have a rez sort of means no soil.. Well actually means no soil. Do people use a rezervoir in soil?? HELP!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry bro.

    Is there any visible damage ???

    They are either Aphids or Gnats.

    Aphids like yellow pest strips and Gnats like blue.

    U can also use Neem (but not on the budz).

    Pyrethrum will break down in 14 days with no ill effects to the budz, if ya wanna use that option. But is it a no-win situation ???

  5. Why not neem on buds? Have used it on em before for mites and the mites all went bye bye and did not seem to be an issue. Says can use up to day of harvest for fruits and a lot of other eatables so confused! Thanks...

  6. Ya, Neem is great for everything excluding the budz.

    For one, Neem is an oil. THC is soluble in 2 things: oils or alcohol.
    It will affect a plants potency big-time.

    Secondly, Neem, since it is an oil, is not water soluble. If u apply it to the budz,
    it will leave a filmy coating that seals in moisture - mold. It will not wash off, and
    Azadachtarin, the active ingredient in Neem, has the most awful taste when burned.

  7. Well have used neem on the buds in three grows and that being for mites and they left and the buds were great! So not sure. With 19 days left the neem would not seem to be an issue but I understand the mold issue. Actually found that they are white flies. Not sure the best solution for them but have read yellow pest strips, yellow oiled thick paper and even a yellow light bulb will fry them.. But what is the best? I don't know.. Would a yellow pest strip work and or hurt the buds or make them poisoned??


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