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HELP! Bugs in my latest pickup :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by john11, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. What should i do?
    I got 1 g of blue dream from my dealer. i just broke one nug and 2 tiny little white bugs started crawling around.
    I should toss this right?? Should my dealer repay me if I show him (doubt it) ??
  2. If your dealer is worth a shit, he can and will replace that insect-ridden gram that you bought.

    Show him the bugs, take pics if need be, and see what you can do. Make it clear you didn't drop money to smoke bugs.
  3. shit happens. Weed is natural. Other creatures besides humans like weed. Geez..:smoke:

  4. so do i toss the bud? (save the stems for iso hash)
  5. Don't overreact it's easy to overlook something like that as a dealer, just tell him what's up and tell him to check his stash maybe the whole thing is infected, and maybe he will give you a discount on the next pick up, or give you a brand new batch for free. good luck:smoke:

    Toss the bud. Or just pick out the bugs and smoke it if your feeling ballsy
  6. They have most likely shat on the bud. Smoke at your own discretion.
  7. smoke the bugs, they will get you high
  8. Its not too big of a deal. All the outdoor weed is like that, buy more than a gram and your dealer will probably toss you nicer nugs too!
  9. Man just grind up the bugs and smoke them. they will be dead when you grind em up andyou won't even see em. I mean the bugs are probably spidermites. I dont think it would hurt to smoke them. Their tiny.
  10. 99% sure its not going to hurt you if you smoke it, just get the bugs out.

    definately dont toss it, you can make qwiso with the whole thing without any worry at all.
  11. Just smoke it and man up...I remember back in the day, we paid our friend to smoke a spider and he did, and he's still kicking 8 yrs later hahaha

  12. LOLOLOL. Win.

    But for real, just pick them out and spark up. You may even forget they were in there :smoke:
  13. if its a thc worm youre gonna get high as shit otherwise just smoke wont die.

    id rather smoke some bug weed than some moldy weed and idiots smoke that shit all the time.
  14. Lol it wont hurt you at all, just think of all those survival shows where they eat big ass bugs all the time to survive...
  15. Haha exactly.^
    You think Bear Grylls is afraid of smoking a little bug?
    He sprinkles em on his bowls like KIEF.
  16. I'd love to put this into my sig
  17. thanks for all the help guys. i just finshed vapeing the g and im high as FUCK. i guess i just over-reacted earlier. i was high when i was breaking it up and i guess i freaked out because i thought my weed was crawling away from me lol
  18. I remember hearing a story once also from my buddy, said they found a bumblebee that died and the bud grew around it, and they still smoked it...wonder who inhaled the stinger hah

    true stories :)
  19. there just livin in there like i would want too haha

    smoke it and blow it on the bugs maybe they will transform:eek:

  20. Sucks that you have to make that clear lmao

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