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  1. So after getting some clones from a friend, my nursery is afflicted by two different kinds of bugs, one appears to be aphids, the tiny black nat looking things? I don't know what the other one is though. Basically all the fan leaves look like they are covered in small light colored scratches, and Ive noticed these really small green "worm" like bugs, barely visible to the naked eye.
    Ive bought some sticky aphid traps to hang, and tried sprayed the plants with bug off by fox farm (believe its neem oil) Im nervous to keep using it because the plants are flowering but the bugs are still there.
    Anyone know how to treat this!? I can upload pics if needed.

  2. Please upload those pictures. I <3 hobbit weed
  3. Aphids can be sprayed off the plants. In an outdoor environment they make easy prey for beneficial insects.

    The flyer's sound like gnats or thrips. They can be controlled organically if you wish. A garlic tea made with. A few cloves of garlic mixed with a few quarts water (and strained) will nock them out

    Put an inch or two of sand on the surface and the bottom of your pots. To make their burrowing in the soil more difficult
  4. Neem works well and spinosaid ( spelling lol long day ) every 3 day for 2weeks and
    Flying bugs?
  5. Hey guys, sorry for not responding. Found out its a spider mite infestation.. basically my plans is to attempt to control them with CaliCleaner untill my flowering plants are ready to harvest. All my plants in veg that are still small will be washed in the shower, and sprayed with the CaliCleaner untill there is no sign of spider mites.

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