help! bud fungus last weeks of flowering

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  1. today I notice some color change in two different colas I think is some fungus, the humidity are high on the soil I water 4 to 5 time weeks. this is the seven week of the day I change to 12/12. my first grow inside, I been using rain water organic fertilizer, and home made fermented fruit juice. I need to save most of the plant, I was thinking to harvest and cut the bad parts, but if there any better way and organic to save the buds. help I am desperate :sad:


  2. Well...
    That happened to me this year. I 'wrote off' the whole thing. My partner took the harvested plants and saved all the buds that appeared clean and is trying to dry them, now.
    I won't have anything to do with any of it.
    I think it is, knowingly, dangerous.
    In my looking about, the flowers ARE good for making tinctures and such, but smoking? ..........
  3. How humid is it in the grow area? That's got to be really humid.
  4. I don't have instrument to measure the humidity
  5. Looks like possible bud rot. Just place a sandwich baggie over the whole bud gently and cut the whole bud off VERY GENTLY then carry on. If you are still concerned just bud wash in peroxide immediately at harvest. The spores are pretty much going to be present all the time which means a healthy plant could still have the exact same spores you are worried with. Without a place to grow though they just hangout. Best of wishes.

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  6. Problem number 1

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