**help*** bubbler question

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    should i get a single bubbler with a large bowl for big rips


    a triple chamber bubbler with a small bowl for baby rips

    i prefer a big bowl for monster rips but also dig more chamber any suggestions?

    both cost $50 thick glass but the single chamber bubbler is bigger

    fixed bowl NO SLIDE
  2. i say get the triple and then by a new slide.

  3. that's a pretty good idea.

    i was gonna say triple chamber will be better in the long run.
    never thought of a new slide. nice :)

  4. there is no slide everything is together no slide
  5. is it fixed bowl or GonG? which looks cooler?

    I'd probably get the triple and just smoke the while pack at once rather than hitting a single chmber more than once
  6. in that case, don't get anything without a slide. slides make smoking more pleasurable. easier to pack, easier to clean, more aesthetically pleasing, more variety in shape/size...get a slide.
  7. Don't get a triple. They're a bitch to fill up with water, bitch to clean, aren't that great to rip etc... Get the single chamber with the big bowl

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