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    Help I think I have a problem I have been giving them half strength nuts but last watering I just gave them straight water there was a little discoloration before but now it is really bad. Any ideas whats going on????? Leaves on some almost look transparent. Some look like they might be nut burned but Im not sure need help guys thanks!

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  2. The necrotic splotches make it look like a potassium deficiency.
  3. How's the soil PH and what is the PH of the nutrient solution you are feeding? Looks like PH swing. Up and down. Common for us soil growers. This can lock out nutrients that would cause the necrotic spots. Monitor your PH of your soil and solution.
    Are you using organics, or what type of ferts? What kind of soil?
  4. Roots organic soil and I m using bio-grow and bio-bloom but I'am only giving it bio-grow right now and the ph is like 5.5-6.0 so im not sure whats up?
  5. That ph is low for soil.
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    would low ph cause those spots? What about lack of nuts? Anyone else got any ideas? Plus it is just appearing on the oldest leaves the lowest ones on the plant. Temp is 78-85 degrees depending on if the door is open or closed I don't know what else to say need any more info. Thanks would appreciate any suggestions or ideas.
  7. Low ph will cause nutrient lockout. It almost looks to be PH spotting. You are getting deficiencies that are being caused by the ph being low. But be careful when adding PH up, as it has a tendancy create salt buildup.
    The key to organics, is to bubble them before watering your plants with it, for at least 48hrs so the ph stabilizes. I always get around ph4 and it takes a shit ton of ph up to get it to 6.5-7. But if I bubble it for 48hrs, the ph will start to neutralize and get closer to 6, then afew drops of ph up and away we go. I suggest flushing your planters with 3x as much water (broken into 2 doses 10 minutes apart) and after the plants use up that clean water left in the soil make up a general tea (use both the grow and bloom to make a custom mix) and water.
    A few key things to remember in organics with soil.

    Bubble your nutrient for 48hs to stabilize the PH.

    Make sure that when you water, you have a 10% runoff of nutrient solution. This helps to prevent buildup.

    Use full strength nutrients when you use them, and water in a NUTRIENT,WATER,WATER,NUTRIENT pattern. We are feeding the soil, not the plant.
  8. Thanks man i a appreciate it. I'm going to try it and see if it works!

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