Help Broken Bowl!

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  1. Well awhile back i came home one day and found my bongs upper bowl had cleanly snapped in two. So i wanna smoke out of it but how can i with no bowl? It still has the female slide attached. Also i have no other bowl that can fit it, so i was looking for a ghetto workaround. The pic is my bong.
  2. haha my bong bongs slide broke too. What I did was made a screen out of pop can to fit the down stem, then pulled that out to clear it. (My down stem is held with a rubber stopper, so I just loosened it prior to toking)
  3. Get a piece of cracked glass to sit in the female piece. Then it makes a really big crappy bowl. Idk if that what your looking for but im high and wanted to post something.
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    Well without some kind of stem I guess you could stick a screen down in there and smoke it that way but it would be really shitty and you couldnt clear it
  5. Lmao!!
  6. nice botle of lean
  7. Oh yea i forgot there was a bottle of the good stuff setting there.
  8. hint: get it replaced
  9. ghetto fix= socket?

    EZ fix = spend $5 on another 1mm thick slide :p

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