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  1. So, today i broke my friends bong and I'm freaking out because I broke the top of the downstem, and now the ash catcher wont fit. It is only the top of the down stem but the whole thing is stuck inside the bong, so I can not just replace the whole thing. What rigs can I use to make this work? Please answer thoroughly I am a long time smoker, but don't know much about the intricacy's of bong workings

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  2. It looks like a cheap bong anyway so just buy him a new one:confused_2:
  3. Sell your ps4 in the background and spend that money on new glass for him
  4. its my boyfriends house and my boyfriends friend, I work 2 days a week for 8 dollars under the table and this is a 300 dollar bong
  5. So the downstem is just stuck now because it broke?

    Use various tools to get it out... I've had that happen and after a little time and elbow grease I've always managed to get the broken stem out.
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  6. its a roor bong
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    That isn't really an expensive bong I can pick roor bongs up between £30-£50 online depending where you shop.. Just buy him a new one if you can afford a ps4 and games you can drop £50 on a bong to replace his with..
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  8. its 400 dollars
  9. where do you find ones for that price? again its not my ps4 or games the nicest game system i have is a super nintendo bro

  10. Your friend is either lying or got ripped off no 400 bong would break that easily... You can pick up indestructible bongs for 200 if that?
  11. he never said that I looked it up
  12. No it isn't

    You didn't break the bong, you broke the stem, which is worth way way less

    Get the broken one out.. i have done it not only in my own roor but also my medicali which is shaped just like that (my roor is a straight tube) more than once

  13. On google, the most I've seen a roor bong going for was 150 and it wasn't anything special, just google roor glass bongs
  14. thank you, i only got that number from trying to look it up. anything above 20 bucks seems expencive to me
  15. ok thanks i guess i was looking on the wrong site
  16. you can make him a better one with a apple he will get over it in no time

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  17. Try googling roor bongs head shops online you should get plenty of sites
  18. Isn't it fun helping people just for them to rate your post "disagree"? ;)
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  19. Or you could ask your friend what he wants a new bong or you could buy him weed that should settle it
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  20. I agree just looks like a cheap 40-60 dollar Chinese knockoff that you can buy in a gas station or shitty smoke shop... definitely doesn't look like a 400 dollar piece and I would never believe he paid anything over 80 for it...

    He very well may of but I mean idk if I spent 400 on glass I'm keeping that bitch in like new condition.. but I wouldn't spend that much on a piece like that cause I'm not a sucker... idk I know some people are really picky about their expensive glass to each their own but idk it just doesn't seem like a 400 dollar piece to me....

    Grow journal
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