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Help Brand New OMMP no medicine Beaverton

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Livinginthefog9, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I hate to introduce myself asking for help, but I am seeking that. I got my Oregon Medical card last week. I submitted paperwork at the dome and the receipt saying I'm good to go.

    That was easy, but I'm having a hard time accesses some of the private online groups that could advise me. I'm sure it just takes several days before you can access these.

    While I'm waiting I'm trying to figure out what to do with some seeds, learn the laws and scavange what little medication I have around.

    If there are any Oregon brothers (cardholders) who could donate to the cause i would repay the favor.

    I'm not sure what the rules are here I guess you can send me a private message?



    I understand the Oregon laws regarding this permit and I know I am not making an illegal or unreasonable request, with regard to ORS, but do feel like a geek introducing myself with a spaz post. : )
  2. Livinginthefog9

    As long as you have a legitimate OMMP card I can help you with medicine, clones, seeds, etc.

    I'm in Portland, Oregon and can meet you in the general area.


  3. Thanks Bro! I'll send you a pm.
  4. I left Lumper a pm. I'll be mobile in the Beaverton area for some shopping. Any other comrads in that area please sound off for a Bro!

    I'll have computer access in my truck.


  5. I sent you a PM

    I'll hook up with you tomorrow in and around downtown PDX


  6. Hi Livinginthe fog

    I run a patint website for OMMP card holders. All help is free. Follow my signature to the site.

  7. Thanks LumperDawgz you are the real deal!
  8. Thanks Clinton I'll check out the site. I'm out of medicine again and this is the only website of any of the main Oregon websites where someone donated.

    I'm hoping I can buy some growing equipment in the next few days and I will keep requesting a donation so I can have enough medicine around to work on growing.

    I'm hurting. Thanks

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