HELP!..bowl turned yellow??? :(

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  1. hey guys so this is the second bowl ive had i got it a few moths ago and tried cleaning it today i soaked it in some dish washing detergent and scortching hot water almost boiling for about 3 hours i rinsed it out affter and it was clean for the most part but i realized its yellow for some it possible that this is a color changing piece or is it just tar build up that is left over and i would need to use some rubbing alcohol on it any advice is appriciated thanks guys!

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  2. Color changing piece probably.
  3. try using isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean it, if it is still yellow its probably color change glass.
  4. thanks jm im currently doing that hoping it is just some tar residue i think this piece would look awesome if it was totaly clear with the swirls going through it the yellow just makes it look dirty for some reason
  5. you think the detergent dried up inside of the piece making it yellow?
  6. all mine have turned yellow but i think its from the resin or it could be color changing... who knows
  7. wow sleepy that is a very good idea...but i used dawn, they use it to wash oil off wildlife who get trapped in oil spills but that is a strong possibility beacuse this did happen a little bit to my other bowl which broke unfortunatley :( and i used the same method got it super clean but a little yellow, do you think it will come out??
    I think tomorow im just going to try the alcohol and see what happens hopefuly it will get clear again
  8. lol that is just fuming. its what causes a pipe to "change colors"
  9. do you know if there is any way i can get the yellow out?
  10. fuming is work done when the pipe is blown. causing it to change colors, if you leave it, and smoke will change color.

  11. I lol'd
  12. I'm pretty sure it's just resin build up that couldn't be washed away using your method of dishwashing soap and hot water. Use 70-90% isopropyl alcohol and salt; it is the only way to completely wash out resin in my experience.
  13. Its a fumed pipe, put it on a black shirt and youll see the color itll turn. As far as i know theres only silver and gold fume, silver gives a blue/purple color and gold gives a goldish yellow color when resin is built up
  14. I made a thread a while ago about how to clean a bowl with iso and salt. You'll notice in the last two pics my bowl was yellow but perfectly clear again after cleaning.

    Resin can be a pain to remove if you don't use the right methods. Since you only used dawn the first time I'd place my money on it just leftover resin.
  15. dishwasher detergent and water?

    lol dude, get some isopropyl alcohol and salt. that is how u clean a piece, the resin will fall right off after some time.
  16. are you 14 or something?
    i give up on this thread
  17. haha wow thanks alot guys..and this was one of my stoned epiphanys btw i thought i figured out a new way to clean bowls but it didnt rly work lol!

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