Help bowl stuck in SSFG inline ash catcher

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  1. What happened was my friend was sitting down next to my bong and when he stood up his grinder fell off his lap and landed on the bowl peice and broke it but also jammed the joint of it into the ash catcher and it is stuck. Any suggestions?

  2. if you cant get it out..just buy a new down stem for 20-25 bucks..:smoking:
  3. Use an old wire hanger, and bend the hook so that it would ' pull ' the remainder of the joint out.

    Thats what I did when a bowl broke in a tube of mine..
  4. LOL nevermind i just seen the pic..damn that is a tough one...
  5. You could probably use ky jelly or something to get it out haha.

    You could try and crack the rest of it out with a hammer and chisel, but be careful not to break the joints. Just little tiny hits to break the rest of the bowl piece.
  6. Yea i would use a wire hanger or something to hook underneath the bowl and pull it out. If that doesn't work just break it out gently.
  7. it looks a lil water locked too. whenever my bowl gets stuck i usually try to wiggle it back n forth then side to side. try that. it might be too jammed though
  8. get a potato. cut it in half. and then use your head and get it out with half of a potato cuz im too high to try to explain how to do it.
  9. Do this, but tap on the outside of the female piece as you pull up. Works every time

  10. lol i cant think of anything..
    i just see my self eatin the potatoe :smoking:

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