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  1. Okay, I have a 2 foot Weed Star 5MM Double Tree Perc'd tube joint size 18.8

    Currently is stock...

    I'm ordering an EHLE Bottle Neck ashcatcher, and i'm buying an EHLE 18.8 13.5CM diffuser.

    Should I put the diffuser in the tube or the ashcatcher?

    I'm also debating whether to get a percolated bowl or a diffused or none, any opinions on what to do?

    Also I think the ashcatchers downstem is 22CM long?
    Could someone verify this? It may just be the actual ashcatcher that's 22cm, not really sure.
    EHLE Pre-Cooler - Bottleneck - Online Shop

    EHLE Diffuser 18.8 - Online Shop

    Should I add this perc'd bowl?

    Weed Star Percolator Bowl - Online Shop

    Let me get you guys opinions..feel free to browse the site and think of a new setup and if I like it I will use it, thanks!
  2. while weedstar might have been a questionable investment, good choice in choosing EHLE products

    personally i would put the diffused downstem in the main tube, use the ashcatcher, and get a normal bowl (maybe one withe some nice art) i don't the "perc" is going to do much in the bowl except get clogged and be a PITA to clear each time you smoke
  3. Yeah I feel ya.. I used the weed star as my base because of the double tree perc and liked the style of it.

    WS Series Messias Illusion Ice 5mm - Double Tree Perc - Online Shop

    That's what I used :)

    What's wrong with investing in a weed star?

    And should I take the stock diffused downstem out my tube and put it in the ashcatcher and take the EHLE downstem and put it in the tube? The ashcatchers downstem just has a cut off end.

  4. search the forums and read about weedstar. i dont have any personal experience with the brand but many users here have been very disappointed with the construction and quality control of these pieces

    if the downstem lengths are interchangeable then your plan sounds good
  5. Exactly.. I was like $150 for a 5MM 2 foot double perc'd tube and I like the design? Couldn't let it go for the price.
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    your single unbiased opinion against the plethora of complaints on this forum has really convinced me

  7. bro you put all that shit on there with those double tree percs and a beaker bottom and your gonna have a hell of a lot of drag.
  8. Do beaker bottoms have more drag than tube bongs? :confused:
  9. Exactly what I was thinking wtf is the point of buying an ashcatcher and a percolated slide or w/e the fuck that is aswell :confused:

    If anything dude just buy a carbon filter and you're set.

    Btw that perc. bowl has a carb
  10. yes they do but overall more smoke volume and comeon :p they just look way nicer to
  11. So you're guna be spending a total of at least 292 with that order.

    For that amount of money you could easily go in a shop and pick out something way nicer.
    You can get something nicer from shopping online on a US store even
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    Not getting the percolated slider, but I think I am still getting ashcatcher, where can I get a carbon filter.

    actually i don't think i'm gonna get a carbon filter, how could i shorten the drag?
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    By getting a carbon filter lol

    forget the ashcatcher if you're going to get that tube there is no point in buying one just get the carbon filter so your tube stays clean.

    Edit: i just reread your post ok so you already bought the weedstar

    Ok yea just buy a carbon filter from a local shop.

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