Help! Bong repair in the Bay Area

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  1. My beautiful 16" ice bong was just broken! The break is fairly clean with two main pieces and three small chunks. I've been looking around online and apparently a glass blower could feasibly repair it, but I can't find any in the bay. Any recommendations? Anything you can get to by BART, anything in Contra Costa County. I really don't want to have to give up this bong :cry:
  3. GE Silicon 1 for doors and windows if its a clean break you can just silicon it back together. Just make sure it's 100% Silicon and make sure you give it time to dry. Did that with my bong and it's still all good just gotta be extra careful now. Good luck.
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    Hey -

    Guy in Atlanta, Ga repairs water pipes if you're willing to ship.
    You can email him and eventually text him a pic of your piece and the break and he'll quote you a price.


  5. Bad idea to post the number.

    I feel like texting him from Canada to piss him off just cause I have free texts :D
  6. Ey! Thanks for the heads up! I took it off!
  7. Can you get pics of the break? Doesn't seem like a clean break if there are 5 pieces now.
  8. I fixed my bong with mighty putty, you know that stuff you see billy mays selling on tv, and it worked pretty good, check it out...


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