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Help? Bong-Related Depression

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by liquidthoughts1, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Hi there, for all taking the time to read, thanks! Heres the deal: my brother has a Medicali bong in which the downstem broke, long story short, we got another one but the quality of glass was simply shit, I woke up this morning to find out the downstem was chipped (not useable at all) where you put the bowl and last night after using it is was fine. Therefore, I don't have any fucking clue why it randomly broke while I was sleeping, but seeing as how I spent ~ $15 last time on a piece of donkey dung, I would much rather spend my money on dependable, well-blown glass. I've looked around on the internet but can't find the right dimensions for the downstem. All the local places near me have downstems for sale seperately, but after this one broke after a mere few days of use (the original downstem lasted at least 3 years without getting broken), I am thinking that there must be some better way. Please, all suggestions are accepted, my bro and I do not want this awesome bong to sit unused but we also don't wanna have to buy a new downstem every week for the love of ganja.... :cry:

    P.S. I'm using my other bong now, don't think this stoner didn't have any backups.
  2. Make the investment and dont buy a shitty bong.
  3. I would just get one from the store, atleast its the downstem not the bong, plus it's easier and cheap regardless. plus it shouldn't break on its own while your sleeping haha sounds like someone tried to take it out and broke it or something and just put it back and didnt say anything
  4. thanks Jlowe, after much debate my friend finally admitted that he had hit the bong with his ipad the previous night, and we believe this put a small enough crack in the downstem to cause it to actually break over night. Swaggrrr on the other hand, this is a nice ass bong, and it is only the downstem that broke. You obviously are retarded if you think Medicali is a shitty brand name, but thanks for trying to contribute to the conversation anyways...
  5. Actually I am not retarded. I never said medicali was a shitty brand name, just that the bong you had was shit since it had broken over night, you never said it had gotten hit or anything, but none the less, a good bong should be able to withstand little bumps and hits.

    P.s -please don't use words like "retarded" it is an offense word. Call me an idiot, asshole or whatever you want.

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