HELP!!! Bong Joint Size Question

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  1. Hey everyone, my downstem just broke in the bong that I'm smoking out of. I was looking into getting a new one but, the problem is I have no clue how to determine the correct joint sizes on my bong nor do I know what they are. So, I was hoping if I uploaded some pictures you'd be able to help me out.


    This picture shows where you would put the downstem into the bong with a quarter next to it for size comparison


    And here is the slide that I'm currently using, this time I used a dime for size comparison

    Any input helps really, I'm clueless. I'd be really appreciative. Thanks a ton. Stay lifted. Also up to suggestions.
  2. get a ruler that has millimeters on it and measure it. its either gona be 14.5 or 18.8. could be 29mm...but it doesn't look that large. oh and if you need to find the length measure from the tip of the downstem to where the ground glass portion stars. also you can use the search function or google (and you should. its encouraged).

  3. I mean, I came here because google was extremely vague and I figured here, I would get a more reliable answer...
  4. ah yeah sorry i forgot the search function on the forums was down for now. yeah google is pretty vague...but the search on here is a life saver.:smoke: but yeah man a ruler should set you straight.
  5. BUMP

    Can anyone tell what size that is by looks? I have no ruler with millimeters, nor do I even have a ruler for that matter. This would be a huge help. Thanks.
  6. it looks like the bong is prob 18 and the end you put the bowl on looks like 14 prob. rulers are like less than a buck man, so i'd still measure cuz it would suck to buy the wrong size and be shit out of luck. its next to impossible to tell from just a picture dude.

    edit: or just take a piece of string and measure both the bong joint and the bowl end of the downstem and cut it to that size. take it with you to the headshop and compare to what they have. thats usually what i do to make sure i get the right length of downstem.
  7. Go get a ruler, don't be so lazy. You don't want someone to mistakenly eyeball a wrong size, and you order it and find out it doesnt match. That'd suck, and you'd feel silly cause you could've avoided that by going to staples.. or your neighbours...

  8. some people like to try and make things more difficult than they need to be haha.
  9. Google says that a quarter is about 24 mm. that looks only a little bit less than 24, so I'm voting on a 18.8mm joint.

    Also, you've got some furry-as-fuck pants on, friend.
  10. damn....and not even a thanks for the good advice....tsk tsk. haha.
  11. im positive thats an 18 its really easy to tell if you know the difference/you actually know what you're talking about

  12. yeah it does look like 18.8mm but you know headshops don't really let you return better safe than sorry. didn't wana steer dude in the wrong direction.

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