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Help Bong Glass to thick?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LadyMarijuana, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.
    I bought a new bong recently, and it's beautiful! two perks, thick glass, big bong.
    I'm used to smoking bongs, so it cant be me.. I've even had quite a few friends try and hit it!
    Anyways, The bong is IMPOSSIBLE to clear! It literally hurts your chest! No one i know can clear it, and no one wants to use it cause its useless.. but i paid alot of money for this thing, and im so disapointed that i cant use it! I believe maybe cause the glass is so thick, like its the thickist bong glass ive ever seen and the girl at the store said it was a good thing and convinced me to buy it!
    Any suggestions on how to make it work? 
    Maybe drilling a shock hole? 

  2. how big of bong are we talkin?
  3. It's quite big. Picture ^^^
  4. How the hell does that thing not clear? maybe theres a carb hole on it you didn't know about.
  5. I thought what you and your friends is what people round here call milking. This is when you waste all your breath on getting the smoke from the bud into the bong and do not leave enough lung capacity to inhale the smoke. Try taking smaller hits or packing smaller bowls.
    Think of it logically, if you use like 80% of your breath to milk the bong you will not be able to clear the bong with the remaining 20%.
    However you said you have not had this trouble with other pieces? this is a large bong and therefore you will require even more lung capacity to inhale the smoke from the chamber into your lungs. Next time you go to hit the bong, try to conserve the majority of your lung capacity to inhaling the smoke into your lungs. Furthermore since it is a large piece do not perform the general rule of filling your piece with smoke before you inhale.
  6. I'd clear it. Looks pretty standard.
  7. Milk it until the smoke just about hits your mouth, then take your mouth off the tube exhale, and proceed to smash out that hit.
  9. Just blow out all of your air you can from your lungs, then light the bowl and get all the smoke in as possible. If you feel like you still wont be able to clear it then take your mouth off it and blow out alllll your air then hury and clear that shit.
  10. I'd wager most people on this site could clear that. 
  11. Glass thickness has nothing to do with it really. Other posters have already hit the nail on the head, you are running out of lung volume by the time you milk and so when you go to clear it you literally have no more ability to inhale further. Smaller bowl, smaller hit both will correct it.
  12. IMO the best way to do bong hits is to do "snaps". Every hit is a green hit. Just gotta know your limits on what you can snap.
  13. Have the bongs you used in the passed been smaller? It is a pretty big bong so smaller hits might be advised at least until you get used to it. 
    Also how are your water levels in the bong when you use it? Too much water could just add a lot of drag and make it a little harder to hit as well. 
  14. I'm not an idiot I know how to clear a fucking bong, I've hit bongs bigger then this before, and it's not just me that can't clear it I've had a lot of people try it. It's almost like you can't suck up any air at all, it's not a matter of lung capacity.
  15. Takes a little more power than usual because of the percs, that's what I've learned using more than one perc for the first time.
  16. I've hit a 5 perk bong, so it can't be that.
  17. #18 Digital Veil, Dec 19, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 19, 2013
    Needs more airflow, I can't really see the percs but tbh the whole thing looks pretty jank.  You may want to get a disc screen slide and possibly a new downstem.  That's really all you can do to help out.
  18. Maybe it's the downstem, but I really have no idea how it wouldn't clear well, my friend has a 9 mm thick glass and his bong clears nice
  19. Glass thickness is irrelevant. Unless the glass is so thick it only leaves a straw sized tube which isn't the case.

    I mean LOOKING at the bong itself, I do not see a problem. Looks like a standard sized bong. Quite similar to mine except mine isn't double perc. 

    Are you getting hits off it? Smoke making it to your mouth? If so I don't see how there can be an airflow problem that would result in just not being able to clear it. 

    It seriously sounds like more of a lung power issue. Or maybe just trying to overdo it. I dunno, hard to diagnose without actually hitting the bong.

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