HELP, Blaze or Magic Glass Percolator Bong

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  1. I am trying to decide between the 2, both are similar price and height. Attatched is pictures

    Here are descriptions

    'Blaze' Premium Bong made of 5mm think Pyrex glass with Ice Notches, Spiral-Percolator, Splash protection dome, Massive-Bowl, Diffuser adapter, Kick hole-stopper and keck clip to fix the bong bowl (For wild smoking!) The 'Blaze' logo is etched & sandblasted on the bongs cylinder.

    This unique design offers a chamber built into the body of the bong that when filled with water offers an extra chamber of filtration. For smooth hits time after time this German Schott Duran Pyrex bong is the most technically advanced GERMAN GLASS bong on the planet. Only Germany makes the finest scientific glass bongs and only Magic Glass makes The Perculator


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  2. Dont know anything about magic but I heard blaze glass is from cheap & from China
  3. blaze is a cheaper brand. But still works just fine.

    Magic glass is a higher quality brand, but they are all made to order. Which means you will wait longer for your piece because he has to make it for you first.

    Quality is an aquired taste.

    Do you care about getting high? Or do you care about a high quality piece?

    Blaze is there so you dont spend alot, and get you high.

    Magic glass is so you know you got a finely crafted piece of work.
  4. Actually, the blaze glass piece is sold out right now and the magic glass could be shipped whenever. Any ideas on the magic perc i havnt seen one like that before. to see a bigger picture Magic Glass - The Perculator
  5. Get the one that isn't made with chinese glass. Chinese glass will steal your weed, you may not believe me but you'll be losing a little bit everytime compared to American made glass. Better quality is always the way to go
  6. Magic no doubt, higher quality glass... I hate everything about that Blaze piece, the glass, the perc, the carb hole.

  7. How'd you hear that?

  8. the more you come to these forums, the more you learn about glass.

    But blaze isn't china glass nor is it made in china.

    They are made in thailand by the same people that make the "glasscity" pieces.

    Blaze and black leaf are made by the same company.

    Blaze is the better quality of the two.

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