Help blades. Lost 2 year girlfriend and lost touch to reality

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  1. So after my 2 year relationship with my girlfriend I've always been a normal guy that doesn't really socialize a lot. Yes I talk and everything but Im not the biggest attention whore or whatnot. I guess you can say im working on a social anxiety disorder I guess from playing too many games when I was young. But after my girlfriend left me when I moved I have lost interest in 50% of girls. Like The only girls I like are classic 10 star bitches that are hot. Any normal girl that isnt so hot, even if its easy pussy Im not tempted to snatch it. I'm afraid Im losing my manhood or is this just part of the despression from breaking up? I guess this girl is like wierded out how im not trying to fuck like hardcore, even though I could (she isnt all that great looking but pussy is pussy but no... im not an easy slut). please help
    20y/o male. First serious relationship break up, not really looking for another relationship unlesss really hot super picky. Hvae I lost my manhood? Please help
  2. youve lost the colorful feelings inside of you that bring about so many good things in life.

    i do, undoubtedly feel your pain. In my own way.
  3. Nah man you haven't lost your manhood. Just keep your chin up! Don't worry about bitches just being bitches. Be confident in just being yourself and the right girl will come along. Trust me it'll surprise you. Hope this helped in some way mane.
  4. This is natural, my friend. It gets a lot easier as the months go by, and eventually you won't care too much. The best advice I can give you is DO NOT MEET UP WITH YOUR EX. Or if you have to see her, do not do it frequently, it makes things so much harder and will prolong your problems.
  5. Jack-off therapy. Works every time brother.
  6. Nothing wrong with quality over quantity

    Just give it time..chill with your friends..have some fun..

    The females will come back

  7. I have people at work like calling me a pussy and shit for not wanting to like fuck the manager thats always flirting with me, but thats just cause I like to keep my work and private life seperate. They dont understand that and I guess assume Im gay and its really tripping me out
  8. It's your personal preference who u fuck..don't let some other dude decide who u hook up with

    Personally Id bend the manager over and give her a raise haha
    But that's personal preference..can always find a new job but hooking up with a hot boss at work..that's a bit more uncommon
  9. They're just being dicks man. Who cares what they think?
  10. Nah man, completely normal. I just broke up with my first real love four months ago (we dated for a year). I loved her more than I ever thought I could feel for a girl, and when she dumped me, females were the last thing on my mind. I just worked on myself, went to the gym and gained 15 pounds, made an acoustic demo, traveled to Mexico for a couple weeks.

    In fact, I haven't hooked up with a girl SINCE my ex, and while I still think about her a lot, it feels good to improve on myself as I'm twice the person now because of the breakup. You're going to learn a lot of lessons from this man, and it's only going to help you in the long run. She's going to haunt you from time to time, but you gotta stay strong man.

    If you ever need some advice I'm pretty fresh off the same exact situation as you. Shoot me a PM or something!

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