help black spots day 51 in flowering

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  1. hello, everyone !!! I am in need of some help from someone more experienced than myself
    I'm 51 day into flowering white widow big bud and cherry bomb. Im running them in dwc 5 gallon buckets. I started with maxigrow and maxibloom but switched to flora micro and bloom along with liquid kool bloom. I noticed that a lot of my leaves are turning yellow and dying. I noticed that the leaves have black spots on them and when I inspected them I found one small white looking worm on a leave and then this weird looking spider on another. I originally thought it was thrips but I could be wrong. The leaves also have yellow silver spots and the new growth have yellow on the edges. I was just wondering how can I treat this or is it too late since I am so close to harvest thanks

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  2. Light patches are where thrips have been eating, the black dots are their feces.

    Would look at getting some spinosad, check label to make sure it's safe to use on fruits/veg.

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