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  1. So im starting growing. I have a 4 day old snowcap seedling outside to get so rays. I live in vegas so its a nice climate for the plant. Its growing soooooooooo slow. I know you need patience but it is un ordinary. Any tips? And i have a LA confidential seed in germination and i was wondering if i could do a cfl grow. I know i need 100 watt plus for a single plant . But are those little shitty 13 watt cfls ok to grow with? I would need a shit load i know but will they work? All help is greatly appreciated. and please dont just come here to bash on me ;) PnP
  2. I'd say just give it more time...4 days really isn't enough time to judge how it's doing IMO.

    Do you have it in good soil? It also might have been too early to take it outside...I know that some growers like to grow indoors for the first few weeks, then take it outside, gradually hardening it off until it can adjust to the sun without shock. Going from CFL to sunlight is a pretty extreme change.

    You can use any watt CFL as long as they're in the right spectrum.
  3. They grow slow at first. More leaves = more energy for growth, you'll see an inch or more per day when she starts to flower. A healthy root system to support the size of your plant is important too, so treat your soil right. Let the soil breathe between waterings, seedlings really take off in medium-dry soil, not so much if it's always damp or wet. :bongin:
  4. cfls are working great for my grow so far

    [ame=]A Journey into a My Medical Marijuana Grow - YouTube[/ame]
  5. .....okay wassup my fellow mj brothers and/or doing a lil indoor project in my closet...its kind of a nice setup...i have a 36 x 20 x 64 grow tent with a single 6 inch booster duct fan.....i have a total of 4 single 26 w twistie light bulbs which is kinda bright from walmart...hanging over a 72 cell germination kit.....but i only have about 10 seeds in the middle of it....i have a couple ones that has sprouted... 6 but i think there kinda growing a lil slow..there going on the 3rd week and the tallest one is about 3" with about two sets of leaves..the others with one set including the round ones...i have them on a 18/6 light cycle still new to this so im wondering if im doin everything right...i have the temp set at 80 ....sum of my baby leaves are drooping dwn a lil ... wat do i do?????im also mixing nutrients with the water.....

    Sorry i cnt provide a picture right now
  6. Well soils good and all. I use a spray bottle to water btw. When does the shell fall off and the plant start throwing out leaves? And the la confidential is germing for 4 days now and the root spike is maybe a millimeter out. Like nothing. Wtf is that about???
  7. Just be patient man, sometimes seeds can take up to two weeks to germinate. All strains are different - some germinate super fast, some take a while. Make sure to keep the seed moist, not soaked. Also, if you can keep it a little warmer than room temperature, it should go a little faster.

    What method are you using exactly? I just take a paper towel, fold in half a few times, spray it with room temperature water until it's saturated, put it in a ziplock bag to keep the moisture in, and then place that in a cigar box. I've gotten 100% germination rate using that method.

    Also, another thing I do to speed up germination, is crack the seeds open manually. I know a lot of people probably will advise you NOT to do this, but I've had great success with it. If you decide to try it, just make sure you let the seeds soak for 24 hours, otherwise the shell will be brittle and will crack, which is what you don't want. All you do is hold the seed firmly in between your finger and thumb, and then apply just a little pressure on the ridges of the seed (the edges where the two halves join together) and it should pop right open. It really does speed up the whole process, probably just because the embryo doesn't have to use its energy on splitting the shell open.

    Remember: Patience is key with growing. I know that when I first started, a lot of my mistakes were due to me just being impatient. It will pay off though if you just let the plant do its thing.

    Oh, and about the seed shell falling off - I've manually taken shells off before with no problems...just don't do it too early otherwise you'll rip off some plant tissue. I dunno if it hurts the plant, but mine seem to be ok. Like Not Sure said above, once they get a few leaves you'll see faster growth. You also don't need a whole lot of light while they're young - too much light can actually be detrimental.
  8. My plant got to be a decent size with 3 14 watt CFLs. Only recently have I switched to 26ws.

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