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  1. Ok I have a problem right now... I have two bubble buckets and each has 3 seedlings.. In one bucket 2 plants are small but look healthy, the third one is growing really fast and looks great..

    In the other bucket one took off and looked healthy and the rest where small but looked fine... As the days went on they started to shrival and yellow resulting in the loss of one... The big one is starting to yellow at the tips and the other two little ones are starting to yellow.

    I checked the PPM and it was at 1500 :eek: .. I must have screwed up somewhere.. So I flush the bucket wash it out and add new distilled water, I add 1/2 of the nutrient solution that is says to use for a seedling and then I adjust the PH to 5.8.. It has been a day and the big one looks less healthy then it did and the little ones seem to have gone a little further south... What should I do?
  2. I don't do dwc, but I think they should be on 400-500ppm approx? Sounds like they've been burned quite bad, so I'd just keep the ec low and hope for the best, it will take a while to show any improvement. good luck!
  3. So it definitely was caused from the high ppm? They got burned pretty bad, luckily the two tanks where sepearte so it only affected one..

    I also found this chart:
    Seedlings should be around 50-150 PPM
    Unrooted clones to be around 100-350 PPM
    small plants to be around 400-800 PPM
    large plants to be around 900-1800 PPM
    Last week of flowering use plain water

    Is there anything I should do to help or just leave them alone with low nutrients?

    oops sorry this is the original poster.. I just made a name because I had been using my girlfriends account (reigan)
  4. lol you confused me there (chocolate brownie didn't help)
    yeah, I work in ec, I just realised 1500 = ec 2.2 I think?, you are v. lucky if they're not dead! So long as there's life there's hope though. I have hard water so I won't say a ppm, but keep them on low strength until they are growing again. With older plants, I've left them on just water for a week before after nuking them with nutes, they build up in the plants, and with just water they can use up the excess, then I started feeding again when I saw Magnesium def. Serious overfeeding can really knock them for six, and you can't expect them to pick up overnight like if they're underfed.

    ps, looking at those ppm's, I don't give unrooted clones any nutes, and seedlings have enough food in the seed leaves to make the first leaves without food, but formulex is good choice I think. 1800 is very high, I'd be careful above 900, depends on the strain you're growing
  5. One of my plants, and a second, is turning a yellow on the bottom most leaves. What the freak is PPM? Maybe I have to much O2 pumping in?

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  6. first set of leave sare supposed to do that iceman2007

    no worries
  7. iceman, Is mold growing on those pellets?? ppm is the nutrient strength level.
  8. problem with ppm scale is that there is three scales x500 x640 & x700 ... so there can be a massive difference depending on the brand of the meter and what scale of ppm it is refering to ... E.C is a much more accurate scale :)
    .... anyway man do you say you have three plants in one pot ? how big is the pot ? just something other than enviromental factors is that the three root systems will compete agains each other if given the chance .... unless they are really small or something man ... but each root system is an individual and they will compete against each other for food and water and they can choke each other .... its the ol strangulation theory ....... just a thought man cuz there is no pics n stuff

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