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  1. The strain is platinum bubba kush (general organics grow & bloom and camg+) have been using ro water .. the problem is only in the middle set of newer growth and not all the leaves have the spots and a few of them twisted and I couldnt pinpoint it for sure since this is my first grow.. im thinking since its only some leaves that it's not worse case so any help would be appreciated thanks

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  2. Copper deficiency.  What is the pH of your water and what is the pH of your soil?
  3. boron deficiency maybe, might just be that your air isn't humid enough. or plant's underwatered.
    the more info you provide the more we can help dude.
  4. Ph imbalance. doesn't matter what deficiency it is, if you are feeding properly and environment is dialed, assuming so only because of lack of info, it boils down to ph
    Well, it most likely is pH lock out.  But OP hasnt specified his pH at all, so its either boron or copper deficiency until we know otherwise
    This buds got it right!  :metal:
  7. Ive been testing the ro water at 6.5 and then ive only been feeding light dosage of camg+ and bloom.. the other day I got curious and tested the water before nutes at 6.5 and 4.5 after nutes .. the temp is from 70-74 throughout the day maybe lower at night
  8. The soil is ffof with extra perlite but that's about it
  9. yeah, you should know approximately what the difference is between the water you feed your plants and the water that comes out. and you should know both on a consistent basis. plus, I really hope you don't mean you use 4.5phed water to water your plants...
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    Problem is .. I dont have a digital ph meter I only have the drops.. maybe I should be more specific..

    First: make sure ro water is at 6.5
    Second: add nutes to water
    Third: test ph again before adding to plants and this is what it looks like.


    Fourth: I added it to my plant cuz it says I dont need to ph the water (go line)

    Fifth: tested runoff at 7 and it looks like this

    Ive flushed with 6.5 phed water and it appears to be growing good now all the new growth is coming out normal with no spots or twisted growth..

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