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Help Before I Smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Just got a new ounce from my dealer. Just to start , this guy is a trust worthy guy, i know he wouldnt fuck with my weed himself. Anyway, copped an ounce and as soon as i get the bag it smells funny. I put it up to my nose and the thing smells like some sort of chemical. Idk what it is. I even called him and he said " no, there is no chemicals on it." but i swear most bud i ever got smelled just as strong but smelled good. Is the weed safe to smoke?
  2. no way to tell without smoking it, smelling it, and looking at it in person.  Weed can take on all kinds of smells from roses to lavander to
    poo-poo to skunk any any number of things.  Pack a small hit take one or two drags and see if it still smells funny when it burns, how it taste and psychoactive effect. That should tell you if it is safe but no way to be sure just friendly advice.  good luck hope you didn't get ripped off
  3. Smoke a bowl and see. Only way.
  4. Alright, you guys are right. I mean it looks fine and i broke a nug open to find an abundance of crystals. Also, it is a haze strain and maybe i am unfamiliar with the distinct odor? Anyway, ill report back a little later after i try it
  5. dank buds often have strong odors due to all the terpenes
    not uncommon at all, inspect for mold etc and fire that shit up, make sure it doesn't snap crackle and pop when it burns and you're all good

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