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  1. OK guys got 3 auto gluberrys in the closet under a epistar 320 with a circulating fan not airlocked, started useing general organic go box about 3 weeks ago about 3 ml of everything per 2 ltrs.

    First 2 weeks or so were perfect until one plant slowly started turning yellow from the bottom up, other then that it seemed fine but the problem has gradually got worse, its also the first plant to start flowering which is great as I'm out of the house in 5 weeks! The bottom leaves are now completely fried, weather has been extremely warm for our religion last few days 25 degrees and humid.

    Plant 3 got wilted badly twice from under watering, last time was about a week ago it has been stagnant since, before this happend the top leaves are literally pointing straight up and are unaturally big which dosnt seem normal to me :/

    Please need advice guys been loving this for the last 5 weeks gonna kill me if they die :(

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  2. First 3 pictures are yellowing plant

    Second 3 are the plant that wilted/burned with the leaves standing up
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  3. I'm not a auto person but your plants don't look like they're dieing. Leaves yellow and die it happens just remove them so you don't get bugs.
    Now are you feeding every time you give them water?

  4. I was going feed water feed the last two weeks but decided yesterday to just keep going with feed and see what happens do you think its too much?

    Also the last week with humidity when I get home from work the window in my bedroom were the plants are is completely steamed up from moisture :/ gonna have to get a dehumidifier can't afford it at the minute though :(

    The plants have been basically the same size the last week
  5. this plant is starving for nitrogen . here read this . Nitrogen Deficiency | Grow Weed Easy
    those leaves will not recover . i would pull them off so the plants does not waste time trying to fix those dead leaves .
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  6. I don't think it's nitrogen deficient related IMO. the top leaves wouldn't be dying like that? You have plenty of drainage holes at the bottom correct? did you check the PH?

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  7. The plants that have yellowing on the bottom are starving for nitrogen and magnesium. You have to raise the feed rate. I'm not sure what you're feeding at but you should probably add more days of feed and less of water. I feed every time and only give water if I notice them getting too dark.

    The plant that is "fried" appears to have recovered now as evidenced by it's happy posture on the top. Don't mess with it now except to remove any dead leaves that want to fall off anyway. They all appear to have been getting too hot. I can see some heat stress signs on the tips of the serrations.

    I would raise your nitrogen component of your feed at least 2ml/gallon. You may also want to raise some of the other components. I'm a GH user but not the biggest fan of the Go box line. It seems like fox farms type stuff with a GH label.

    Get a bottle of GH floranova bloom. It's one of the best one part nutrient bottles their is. You can veg and bloom cannabis with just that bottle. I use it all the time. It's my lazy go to for filling in my npk so I can concentrate on other supplements. The other way to go is GH flora micro and bloom with calimagic. Those three things and the lucas formula is all you need.
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  8. the ph should be about 6.5 . ok you can have a very low ph at about 4.5 all the way up to 9.5 the plants will still look healthy . . its not a ph problem .
  9. OK guys the wilted and nitrogen deficient plant are back on track but I've run in to another problem, I'm guessing its low and behold nitrogen toxicity on the 3rd plant!

    Will I just keep feeding it water seems pretty bad at this stage leaves are really skinny and clawed,

    Can't wait for my next grow its not as easy as I thought

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