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  1. Proud to say that this is my first post, although I wish it were for a better reason. My newest babies (second grow ever) are 2 wonderful autoflower bubblegums. I'm doing a closet grow with several natural daylight CFLs in pots with a mixture of Miracle Grow potting mix (I know, I know), vermiculite, and perlite. One plant has experienced visible nute burn, while the other seems perfectly healthy. They are approaching the two-week mark and I am worried that their growth has slowed to a halt, but I'm not really sure. Will the burned one spring back to life after the nute burn? Should I transplant? Any comments are greatly appreciated, as I am a very worried father right now.  :confused_2:

  2. I don't grow autos and only know a little bit about them from what I read from a few others here that have grown autos. In one way they are no different then regular photoperiod plants and that is they don't need any nutes for the first 2-3 weeks. If the MG grow soil you used has nutes in it it can nute burn them and or stunt growth. One thing I read with autos is that they don't like to be transplanted and that you should start them off in the same grow pot your going to finish them out in.  There is a forum for growing only autos but I forgot to save the link. If their not stressed or stunted they should start growing out soon. Their at a point where growth seems to slow down then after a short while they take off. Since your soil most likely has nutes in it I would start controlling the PH of the soil with PH`d water and testing the run off.
  3. The one seedling with the yellow looks a bit toasty

  4. I'm definitely going to work on the pH. I agree; I know autoflowers don't really like being disturbed much so I went for a Jiffy pot for ease of transplant. Thanks a lot mate. I'm just really concerned about their growth at this point in time. The vegetative growth exploded during the first week and now there is minimal leaf growth every day. +rep for a quick, and very helpful response  :D  
  5. When you got the Jiffy pot you should have got the Jiffy seedling starter soil with it. Soils with nutes in it like MG can be to strong on the nutes and burn and or stunt seedlings. What I`m curious about with autos is that since they don't like to be transplanted is that if you started one in like a coco pot or Jiffy pot does it still stress them when you put the smaller starting pot into a bigger pot. I`ve always been curious about trying a few autos but till I learn more I`m leary about whats the best way to start them and whats the best type fo soil recommended when their seedlings. I got an auto seed free with an order from Attitude and tried growing it but it commited suicide coming up out of the soil losing its starter leaves.
  6. It seems to me that autos are very picky with their soil composition, as this is my second auto grow. I just can't seem to get it right. My hope is that once the roots grow stronger and begin to tolerate the nutes a little more, then the transplant process will go smoothly when i pop the jiffy pot into the final grow area. Hopefully they pick up for me. I'll be sure to post updates on their progress.
  7. Your using low quality soil, poor lighting, and a horrible jiffy pot. Autos don't like to be transplanted at all, you should start in the pot you want to end with. Jiffy pots are bad for not breaking down even after buried for months, and can impede root growth causing stunted plants. Autos have no time to recover and grow a good root system once it gets halted.

    Fix those things and you will have much healthier plants.
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  8. I just remember that with Jiffy pots and that's if you don't keep the soil moist around the Jiffy pot when planted in a larger grow pot the roots don't grow through the Jiffy pot. I`m curious if the same applys for coco fiber pots.
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    Never tried the coco pots. I assure you mine were well watered, the jiffy pots were intact when I pulled the plants four months later. They just didn't break down. I've started stuff in pure coco, but in cups not the coco pots. I dont think they would cause the same problem as jiffy pots. However, if you don't time it right you're still going to suffer some root stunting. Not something I would venture to try with autos until I was very well versed in coco growing. Considering how fast coco dries, you really don't have any major reason not to just start them in the final pot.
  10. Thanks to all of you who responded. I found a little more veg growth today when I checked on them, but still very slow. Do any of you have any recommendations on what I should try to do to salvage them? I really don't want to lose these plants. Is transplanting into new soil/final pots my only viable option?
  11. Right now their at a stage where it always seems like growth slows down for a bit but once it passes they will take off with new growth. I think its when the plant is getting ready to produce its first set of 3 bladed leaves then 5 bladed and so on.
  12. Hi I am growing autoflowers there 3 weeks old and[​IMG][​IMG] 1454855112564.jpg in miracle grow potting mix with perlite . I germinated them and only had that to pot them and was eager .. I've now learned don't be too eager lol. I didn't feed them no nutes for 2 weeks . I think they are about a week behind stunted ... I now have biobizz all mix and clay balls . I also have the following nute canna start , biobizz grow , biobizz root,biobizz topmax and bio bloom . I have also started to use lst as was told better to start early while it's flexible . Should I repot into better soil ? Or would that stunt them for longer? Any help from experience would be great... 1454854703101.jpg 1454854764091.jpg

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  13. Does a lot of people get egnored here ? And everything is fine with my plants now trippled in size in the last couple of weeks done well thanks for the help from the site .

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  15. I didn't know that I'm new to the site and I'm on the app on my phone it's not that great but still some one replyd soon as when you put some kind of bad comment .

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