HELP: ashcatcher/carbon filter/ ????

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  1. so i recently picked up my first roor(mini perc) and i was using just some simple ashcatcher from my lhs and i wanted something more unique so i picked up this texas blown bowl(below) but my problem is that i am always smoking on the go and am a freak about a clean tube. i love my new bowl and want to continue using it without always funking up my piece. so what could i get that would allow me to use my bowl but also keep my bong clean in the process. thanks:wave:
    the bowl:
  2. ashcatcher for sure. Grab one that would compliment the joint angle and doesn't splashback.
  3. i would say carbon filter. Saves space, its super cheap. carbons like 5 bucks for a fat bottle of it. The actual joints ganna run you like 40 bucks MAX.

    Keeps it just as clean, if not cleaner then an A/C.

    Just makes more sense to me.

  4. Coming from someone who has both, go for the carbon filter on your mini. conserves a lot of space, simple and easy, no spashback to worry about, change carbon every 20 hits and keeps your tube just as clean IF NOT cleaner than a basic a/c

    Just my two cents
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    Carbon Filter for sure. Smoother toke, cleaner glass, cheaper piece.

    I swear by it.

    I have a mini perc too. Ash catchers sit VERY HIGH on it.

  6. Yes you are so right about the a/c and where could I find one of these because online is not an option, do you think my head shop could order one for me?
  7. Give them a site to order one from, but be prepared to over pay for it. It'll be worth it trust me. I love my Carbon Filter!
  8. your headshop should already have a carbon filter. IF not they will know what it is, and should be down to order you one. Just go in and talk to them.
  9. finally seein some love for the charcoal filter. Easily my favorite investment. It amazing how well they keep your glass clean. Likewise i use mine on my waterfalls and homemades and even smokin the schwag I cant produce yellow smoke.

  10. I feel like an AC would be extremely awkward on a mini-bong. (mobility/balance/image etc)
  11. not only is the carbon adapter cheaper, its WAY easier to clean.

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