HELP ASAP FIRST GROW-sprouts leaning

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by aceer15, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    First grow here and I've got 2 sprouts leaning and a third trying to. I have a 2ft 96w 4 bulb T5 above the plant and a 1 ft. 24w bulb on the side of the sprouts. They have started almost bending back towards the soil at around an inch to an inch and a half in height and arn't looking too strong. I've been spraying our germination dome every over day. Any Suggested please help!!!
  2. temps are between 73-77 and humidity is at 49%
  3. stop spraying soo much
    ur plants should have roots if they sprouted the spray just makes the leaves heavy and will cause the plants to droop
    spray them after u see three finger leaves
  4. Ok thanks!!! How often would you say to spray them or water them When they're in the dome and have started rooting?

    Thanks again
  5. If it popped the surface it has a tap root. Let the medium dry a bit so the roots reach for water and grow. I don't even use a humidity dome for anything other then cloning. But to each there own
  6. Erbalist, how do you germinate and sprout your seedlings?
  7. I havnt germinated a seed in maybe 3 years. But back then I just dropped the seed in a shot glass of water for 24 hours. They should crack if not just use paper towel method for a day or 2
  8. Aceer, put your seed in a seed pot and water the pot til run through.
  9. watcher i'm using hydroton as my medium, not soil. I'm probably gonna try to use the paper towel method next run though

    happy growin'!

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