Help! Are they ready to put in flower stage

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  1. This is my first grow and they are currently 37 days old since sprouted! I have 4 lemon kush and 1 og kush and I was just wondering do they look ready to put into flower?

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  2. I'm not an expert but I can share what I've read. Not sure about your setup, but I planned mine loosely based off of the following. If they are not going to be transplanted again, measure from your medium to the max height your light can go. Some strains are different but most non strain specific sources have stated to expect 1/3 of current height growth spurt once you put into flower time. I would leave some space between your expected canopy height and max light height to prevent burn and other possible side effects. Hope this helps. I'll be watching to see if others have some different insight. All in all it comes down to your height restrictions. Whether or not there is a rule of thumb on when time wise idk. I think you'd be the best judge for that. Ps, they are looking great. Good luck.

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  3. Yes.

    flower your plants at roughly half the size you want them to be when they are done.
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  4. You can pretty much flower them whenever you want. Prepare for them to more than double though some strains, some grow methods they will triple or even a little more.

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