Help Are These Pre-Flowers?

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  1. Hey there m8ts!
    First organic grow here, this is a wonderwoman from nirvana that has been vegged for around 1 month and 3 days so far. I'm kind of in a hole here and dont know wether to flip them to flower yet or not, and decided to come on here and ask you guys if these are pre flowers? Oh, they are all 100% females from nirvanashop.


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  2. I topped her once 2 1/2 weeks ago and topped again 1 1/2 weeks ago. She has about 5-6 tops, and about 8-9 branch sets if thats helps any. 
  3. can't really tell but If they are big enough I would go ahead and flip... they should come around nicely soon after. 
    They are about 8" tall, but i did top them 2-3 times. They are pretty bushy thought. 
    Thanks for the reply man, these boards have been dead lately.
  5. Ill check once in a few for alternate nodes. But I'd say there is 5-6 nodes per plant maybe 6-7. Give me a few minutes :)
  6. They also have 4-5 main branches.
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    Damn you're so helpfun man, i've hit "Like This" already twice hopefully that's what gives you rep points man!
    I just looked at the new branching, some of the new branching does have alternate nodes. 
    I tried taking pics of the few alternate branching i saw but its just soo bushy that i cant get a good pic. 
    Heres a good pic of the smallest plant and the stem branching so you can see. (Keep in mind that this is the smallest plant) Which i have in a soiltab from nirvana, the other 3 plants are organically grown, but i wanted to give the soil/flower from nirvana a shot.

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  8. I also have them in 3.80Gal pots and i just noticed the roots through the big holes in the bottom, they arent coming out of the holes but you can tell they are all wrapped around the whole 3.80gals pretty good for them to be seen all the way in the bottom of the 3.80gal pot.
  9. They actually have more nodes, about 8-9 each, just counted.
  10. nice. sorry for the late reply but after all the info I would say go another week or two TOPS on vegging then flip. that should be enough time to clear up any doubt. looks good to me though.  :smoke:
    Thanks a lot! I had planned to switch them at wk 5. They smell sooooooooooo dank already too! 

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