Help! are my plants flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stoneypoo, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Or is this just massive pre flowers... and is my cat hella fat?

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  2. ....that's the biggest pussy I've ever seen.
  3. looks like flowerin to me
  4. Yeah why are you tripping?

    lol. They are starting to flower
  5. I'm not trippin, I'm excited bro! I just wanted to know if I should start pumping in the flowering nutes.
  6. i dont know about the plants bro but that is one fat ass cat!!
  7. Yeh there flowering, also the fuck is with your cats eyes man wait is it a cat ?? looks like a fucking polar bear
  8. That cat looks like a bitch. Is it a human hating bitch? Most cats are. LMAO - I'm stoned, sorry.
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    This cat is the sweetest most fat cat you will ever meet... you walk up to her and say her name she plops on the ground and rolls over and lets you know its time to grab that fat...

    She is a human loving cat also... not one of those bitches that scratch and bite you

    The only problem is after you get done petting her she always has to eat...

  10. Awesome. Then I shall use her as a fluffy pillow, she looks pillowy...
  11. Hopefully my buds will match her fatness... As far as bloom nutes go got anything that I should add?

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  12. once again i dont know anything about bloom nutes but that is still a fat ass cat!

  13. Lol love the cat picture.

    I think your bloom nutes are good, the molasses is good as well. I am using Blackstrap every other watering with my babies.
  14. Do you think 1 tbsp per gallon of molasses every watering will be too much and give my meds a burnt molasses taste?
  15. if i were you i would wait a watering cycle and do just all water and then hit it with the flowering nutes plants look good the one in the pot looks like it might be getting root bound...not good transplant into biger pot or ground asap ..chek out my outdoor plants they also just started to bud [ame][/ame]
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    I give mine a tbsp every other watering.

  17. I'll do an experiment and give them it every watering and see how it turns out...I'll let you know :)

    Well I just hit them with molasses+bloom nutes this morning and gave them one final spray of neem oil/dish soap mix...also going to take off some lower small branches in hopes that the main cola's will get more attention
  18. do not take anything off the plant at all when it starts budding or it will push your budding back a month or so .and yes every time u water putt the nutes in just dont burn them with to much read the back of the bottle :)

  19. Pruning while budding is bad then?
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    Personally, I wouldn't do it. Everyone on here has their own personal tips, tricks, and MO... but the way I see it, anything healthy and green is staying on my plants. I just pluck yellow, spent leaves only.

    For the molasses, I mix it with my nutes every other watering. Well see how it goes :)

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