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Help Approaching A Dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ListenHereYouLittleShit, May 19, 2013.

  1. ok so when I first started smoking up until now if I ever needed a hookup I could ask my cousin or a friend but now those options are currently not available to me so I must find a alternative source. I'm currently in band percussion and a majority of the percussionists smoke throughout all the upper/lowerclass bands. there's a guy who I know can get people what they need relatively well. hes sort of a middleman and hes very reliable from what ive heard. the problem is I'm really socially inept also I don't think he likes me get much due to my having to quit marching band and my orignal lack of skill. how would you approach this situation?
  2. You really think a guy is going to turn down money and/or bud because you weren't good in marching band? :laughing:
  3. Invite him to smoke, but tell him you don't have a source. Hang out with him, smoke some, then get his connection. 
  4. Approach on your knees, you may get covered in semen; but at least you'll get drugs out of it.
  5. Just say you really want to smoke but don't have a source and he'll pull through. Just gain a little confidence, I used to have really bad social anxiety but was able to get past it with a positive attitude. You don't have to rewire your brain, just think outside of the box.
  6. Just get his number from a friend and text him. Dealers will usually deal to anyone. It's business, and business is not personal. For instance, I still made my friends and boyfriend pay me for drugs.
  7. "how would you approach this situation?"
    If I were you, I would approach him from behind. Dealers like that kind of quality from a buyer. Possibly even jumping and yelling "HEY BUDDY!"
    Worse case scenario, he gets scared and drops all the money/weed, and then you're set. 
  8. HAHAHAHAHAAH YES YES YES YES :hello: :laughing:
  9. he's sort of a proud dealer of a sort, like he doesn't sell to people that don't "deserve it"
    that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. now go get some damn drugs.
  11. if your sure he deals just ask him like yo man my names whatever are you available by any chance? emphasize the available and he should catch your drift, if he doesnt ask if you can get anything some bud or trees off him.
  12. a "drug dealer" in band class? psh, nigga just re selling 5 sacks. just ask smokers who got the weed. its really not that hard.
  13. Forget finding a middleman, I've had bad experiences. They tend to charge more because they have to put in the effort/risk to get it for you (which is understandable) BUT they also have the ability to take some of your weed, OR just run off with your money and text you saying they got busted by the cops, and there's no way to check if that's true because you don't want to draw attention to yourself since it's illegal. Using a middleman leaves you vulnerable to being ripped off.
    Find a real dealer, someone who's house you can go to and buy it direct from him.
    Recently I had no dealer and I could have gone to a middleman but i didn't because it's not worth it, just keep trying, keep asking ppl who smoke if they know a dealer who can help. If someone does know a dealer get them to call the dealer first and ask if it's ok, some dealers won't deal with strangers but if your friend calls them then they know you're cool. Then get his number and call him to organize.
  14. This always works for me-
    *Large, crowded area
    Me: Hey brah heard you can hook me up with some of dat greenz
    Him: Yeah for free too
    Try it.

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