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  1. i have been smoking for about 3 or 4 years now. ive met alot of cool, happy stoners and alot of dealers. i feel like its not a big deal to smoke but i feel myself trying new things. not for the normal reason though, i just want to see how they feel. i have used percocets, oxycotton, suboxone, muscle relaxers,xanax and lora tabs. i think i may be down a slippery slope if i dont make it a big deal and stop it now. Literally 10 minutes ago i was throwing up, sweating and just felt like CRAP after i took an suboxone. Now i almost feel like "well i still got a quarter of it left, why not". i do not want to get sick again but i keep telling myself "maybe it wont happen this time". All of these different drugs i have done, i never used them more than a couple times and stopped but sooner or later (or hopefullly never) i feel like i will abuse them regularly. i need real help from real people that understand this and im sure at least a couple of you will. i dont need comments that my mother would say. LOL. i appreciate all your thoughts and cant wait to hear back
  2. try to drop the pills man. they can fuck you up and we dont want another helpless victim sucked down the drain of hard drugs. cut yourself off from them and no weed either. i hope you can get off em man good luck
  3. i dont think it will be nearly that easy but i hope it will be an easy slow decline to the freedom of toxins in my body. thanks for the post
  4. yeah dude, pills are nasty shit, its not worth throwing your life away.
  5. You gotta watch out with the pills, man. I've known people addicted to oxy or xanax or percs and it isn't pretty.
  6. No pills, man.

    They're synthetic, so your body doesn't process them as efficiently as other naturally occurring substances (THC, alcohol, etc), which means you build a tolerance quickly.

    Increased tolerance = elevated dopamine and seratonin release when you use = addiction

    Horrible stuff.

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