Help! any way to salvage bitten plants

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  1. This year was going to be my first time growing, I started 6 feminized plants inside and they were doing alright until a day ago when my cat decided to bite off the first 2 leaves on 5 of the plants.

    Now I only have one healthy plant. Is there any possible way that these plants will be alright or should I just toss them out now? the stems are still upright and green.

    I've attached a picture of one of them (they all look the same).


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  2. Sorry Magilla....But Your Cat did Too Good Of a Job Trimming!!!
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  4. Lol. Look you can see all the evidence left at the scene of the crime... cat hair in the cup!
  5. ok ima tell you how u might save this plant.

    1st. slowly draw your right leg bacck and kick the cat in the ass.
    2nd gently flush with straight low ph water. careful not to pour water too fast u don't wanna disturb the roots.
    next cut of the top of a 2 liter soda bottle,peel the lable off an cove the plant with it. if you have a glass that would be better . every day u have to remove the glass doom, mist you plant and mist the inside of the bottle too.

  6. Alright Ill definitely give this a shot, thanks man.
  7. lol, make clones of the good one plant left.
  8. lol your lucky it was that young... look what an animal (i think it was a turtle i found later in the area) did to one of mine..

  9. are clones possible it being this late in the year for an outdoor grow?
  10. U can still plant outdoors.. Far from too late. But the longer you wait the less of a yield you are going to get. Do you have a spot already picked out? With holes dug, unless of course your using pots? Chicken wire up?
  11. I have chicken wire up, and 2 spots picked but I haven't dug the holes yet. This is my first time growing and it looks like I'm going to only have 2 plants out .. oh well maybe I'll have better luck next year.
  12. PM me if you want some tips..

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