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  1. Hey hey hey

    First time grower so need some advice.

    So the three taller ones started a week ago with no proper light hence the stretching. The smaller four got planted 5 days ago. I'm using led lights 30 cm from the plants, 20 on 4 off just until the British weather gets solid. First time grower so got no idea if these are healthy or if there is anything else I can do. I got no idea if I'm over watering or under watering, currently using a spray bottle, 2 sprays per plant twice a day.

    Any feedback would be great. Northern lights autoflowering.

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  2. They're looking good so far. If you fixed the light issue and they're not stretching anymore, then you're golden. :thumbsup:
  3. Cool cool thanks yeah they had just a standard light bulb to start with whilst my led was coming in the post but the shorter ones have has pure led light since they germinated. How long should I leave them til I take them outside u think?

  4. How could I sort this one out? Without the support its proper floppy

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  5. They're going outside? Like in direct sunlight or in some kind of greenhouse? Then for sure they still have a few more weeks to go. When you finally decide it's time, make sure to make time to harden them off to the outside weather to avoid stress/issues. I would suggest already having your plants on an 18/6 light cycle by the time you plan on hardening them off.

    "How could I sort this one out? Without the support its proper floppy"

    Add extra soil to the top of the pot for extra support. What kind of soil is that, or is it coco? They look good, but when it's time to transplant into a bigger pot, I would suggest adding some perlite to your mix.
  6. You can transplant them and add soil to about a 1/4 inch below the leaves. And move your lights closer to them

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  7. Right okay thanks yeah I'll keep them indoors for a couple weeks. Yeah I have to guerilla grow them out in the woods near mine cos I cant afford a full grow setup and dont want trouble at the house.

    What is perlite anyways, a type of soil? I'll keep it in mind. Okay how much up the stem should the soil be? About an inch or two from the leaves I guess.

    At the moment I'm just using cheap potting soil.

    Thanks for the advice I'll keep everyone posted - I'll probably have more questions no doubt
  8. perlite.jpg

    Perlite isn't required, but it does help a lot in giving the roots oxygen as well as provide excellent drainage abilities. They should sell it at your nearest garden center or hydro shop. Just add a small amount of it to your soil mix.

    Just add enough extra soil to give it support. Yea an inch or two is fine.
  9. Just bought 1 litre of perlite to add to the soil, any idea on the ratio or soil to perlite I should use?
  10. 1 litre perlite to 10 litre soil sound right?
  11. Here's a quote from a site that explains this:

    "It's recommended to add perlite so it makes up around 10-50% of the total volume of potting mix.

    Add 10-20% perlite if you want better water retention and don't plan on using a lot of extra nutrients. This is because a lot of extra perlite can cause the nutrients leach out faster from the soil as water drains through easily.

    Add 30-50% perlite if you plan to use a lot of added nutrients or supplements and are looking to get the fastest growth from your plants."
  12. Thanks andre, u think 30 cm is to far away? This is just a temporary setup it's the best I can do
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  13. Antdro ***

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  14. Thanks 10-1 it is
  15. I was going to say who's Andre lol. Anyway, 12" may be a bit too close for an LED. I'd rather put them at 18" to be on the safe side. Then again, I don't know how your plants are reacting to them. How long have you had them under the new light at 12"? You'll have to monitor their leaves throughout the day for several days to make sure the LED lights will not harm them. If you see that the leaves begin to bend at the leaf edges or cup or twist and turn away from the light, then you have the lights too close. Raise them a few inches. If you keep seeing the leaves reaching up for light and stretching, then they need more light.
  16. They been under the led for 5 days, since the smaller 4 poked their heads out the soil, so those 4 should be fine. I've replanted the long 3 so hopefully they will do better.

    U see this plant, does that count as reaching for light or is it cos the 5th and 6th leaves have just started growing so they're just transitioning u think?

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  17. That one plant looks like it's reaching up for more light. I don't know the wattage or brand of your LED's, but I only suggested the 18" because the majority of growers asking for advice on LED's on here use LED's that are pretty intense and usually always put them too close to their young plants. In this case, your LED's may not be that intense, which is why they look like they're reaching up for more light, I'm assuming. You can try lowering them an inch at a time until the leaves are nice and flat; not reaching for light nor twisting away or cupping.

    Concerning the leaves, the very bottom leaves (the very first ones that come out of the seeds) are called the Cotyledons. Those don't count as true leaves. So far, from that pic, it shows the first set of true leaves and the 2nd set of true leaves just barely coming out.

  19. How much water would you recommend? I se a little spray bottle and give it a couple sprays couple times a day, probs 50-100ml per 24 hours, does that seem right u think?
  20. Tie the long ones in a knot.

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