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Help And Advice in Convincing Parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HerbCutter, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hi, I wanted some help/advice on getting my mom and dad to Let me work a medical marijuana growing place.

    My friend who owns it told me i can have a job as a Plant cutter, cleaner, and waterer lol. He pays pretty good but they disagree about working there, I think its because marijuana is taboo in the society they were raised in.

    Me Mom says dont do cutting because your "In Contact"........ what will that do, High Levels of Radioactive THC leaking into my pores? I think not LOL.

    I just need a way to convince them that working there will be a good thing while i attend school. And if I do work there without their permission I will be kicked out and im only 18, IDK if i should move out and do my own thing.
    My friend would be paying me about 50 a tray of slobs and planting the stems in.

    Any Input is Appreciated THANX~!
  2. Well you are 18 so do what's best for you. Fuck what your parents think. I'm not saying disrespect them but you are at the point in life where YOU make the shots. Also try educating them on marijuana while you are at it....."high levels of radioactive THC" hahahahahaha I almost want to quote that man. If you can't move out then try getting another gig until you can move out and support yourself. After that maybe you could work at the MMJ place. As I said before just do whatever is best for you.
  3. if u make enough money just take out loans for school and live on ur own and go to school. why would u wanna live under your parents bullshit man, i say go for the job
  4. What are some good facts that i could say to persuade them that working there will be good? So I don't need to move out.
  5. Well, if you're trying to bring them round to the idea that weed is actually not a bad thing, I've heard there's a documentary called 'The Union' that's really good.. I still haven't got round to watching it myself, but I've heard good things so I'd give it a shot! Good luck, anyway :D
  6. Yea i watched that documentary, I think it's pretty good but I'm just scared of showing it to them because of some cons about it.

  7. :rolleyes:

    good choice dude, your parents are not gonna be persuaded by a pro marijuana propaganda film.

    Look up granny stormcrows list, show them the medical aspects of mmj, and show them how it genuinely helps people in need.

    If they still cant come to terms, mmj happens to be a very lucrative business, im sure you wont have any trouble making rent working in the field...
  8. Explain to them that marijuana is on the rise an this would be a great opportunity for you. You'll learn a lot of good info about growing, which could lead to your own business in the industry. Marijuana demand increases everyday because people are finally opening their eyes and realizing what a bad rep it has for such a beautiful thing.

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