Help an old blade!!!

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    Ok... in display of my desperation i've resorted to posting here :eek:

    I have a toshiba Satellite x205-s9800
    (bad decision made in haste)
    Video card Geforce Nvidia 8700M GT

    I've been searching for a stable driver as i've exhausted all Nvidias suggested whql drivers for my card as well as the ONE update toshiba support has provided.

    Im currently running driver set 176.26 dated back from early 2008 and i need to upgrade to for gaming purposes. Toshibas update from 2009 driver set 186.xx was unstable and resulted in artifacts, pixelation, screen flicker, distortion, and ultimately failed and blue screened me ( ALL other suggested drivers do this as well)

    Since then i've been searching for a driver beta that works someone help :(((

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