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    <------ Hey guys i rarely post as you will notice over there

    But I am absolutely hell bent on costing Toshiba as much money as possible

    Tell your friends, family, and pets
    Tell your neighbors and your fellow employees
    Yell it from the rooftops and windows


    After hours on the phone with technical support/customer service, toshiba has effectively told me that the reason their issued driver updates wont run correctly is because of faulty hardware. Fantastic, so how may i go about holding toshiba accountable? I can't, apparently they have an "AS IS" clause in some of the User license agreements, and being that my warranty expired, there is not a thing i can do about it besides send it it to them and have them repair my system and then install the drivers which would run me anywhere between $120-500.

    Not to mention

    There are multiple accounts on various forums throughout the web about Satellites have flicker display problems and having the Video drivers failing RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

    and dont tell me to go to, toshiba uses company modified driver sets.

    Please cost these bastards some money and time.

    Im already filing a BBB complaint and o boy am i waiting for another Toshiba class action lawsuit.
  2. slow down buddy. What's the problem? your video card is failing? are you seeing artifacts (random squares across your screen) or is your screen going out? what's the deal? How long have you had your laptop? what model is it? I know quite a bit about computer hardware, I work in IT, I may not be able to solve your problem but I could probably point you in the right direction.

    That said, Laptops generate a lot of heat, they are prone to more malfunctions than desktops, toshiba is NOT a bad brand, you might have just received a bad unit. ANY brand is susceptible to the same problems.
  3. You should go to NVIDIA & Laptop News | Latest NVIDIA drivers and related news | and find whatever set of drivers you need. It's simple to install the drivers for (eg) a desktop 6800 card on a laptop with the 6800 chipset, so you're basically not going to be stuck without a driver.

    Toshiba may have told you their product was defective, but you were probably talking to some idiot Indian who knows that the right answer after a certain point is whatever stops you from calling back. Don't ever call them again unless you know exactly what to say to get them to do a warranty return, and that goes for all computer manufacturers. The idea that any free over the phone support is going to be useful is also something you should disabuse yourself of.

    This 'as-is' clause doesn't make sense the way you wrote it. One of you is ignorant or lying, and it's not really important who. Actually both is most likely. Won't solve the problem though.

    Video drivers failing?! Great Scott! I've got to go back and warn Marty! But seriously, computer software has bugs. If the hardware is broken out of the box, that's one thing. If the techs you were talking to were morons and fucked up your box, that's another thing. But the blanket statements, that this is endemic to all Toshiba laptops, that Toshiba as a company is responsible, that their products are defective, that having an out-of-warranty machine is somehow Toshiba's problem, etc, these are just unsupportable. Even if the entire line of toshiba satellite computers were buggy defective piles of shit, I would still not generalize that value judgement to the rest of the company. In the real world, Toshiba is a respected brand, major manufacturer, and generally speaking, no better or worse than any other computer company.

    If there's anything you take from this, let it be the understanding that your experience is neither unique nor particularly common; a small number of people who buy things will have them break after a while. Shit, in other words, happens. Today it happens to you, tomorrow I spill water on my laptop and the video card stops working right. Learn how to deal with it, or don't use the damn things.

    Now, what I'm taking from this is that you are ignorant, angry, don't know how to control your anger, and that you listen to idiots all the time and take their advice. I hope this post begins to solve the problems that you have. Oh, and another note of advice: when you go to a technical forum like this, mostly the people you talk to are off-duty (get back to work you lunkheads!) technicians, that is, people who are usually paid to dispense this sort of technical know-how. If you need help, ask politely, like your mother taught you to. Especially if that sort of technical know-how is going to save you $500 in out-of-warranty repairs.

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