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Help an experienced grower pick a strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by KillerGenius, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Hi I don't have the money to order something really good so KC Brains will have to do. I want the best strain they have so help me out. I'll be posting the grow in the grow journal area. I got one sprout right now that came out of some really good weed and another germ. So help me pick a strain. Anyone grown any KC ever? I was thinking cyber crystal, crystal paradise, KC white, or Spontanica.
  2. my other seed sprouted but when i transplanted it, it stretched out and the cold winter nights made her wilt. Soo i held her up w/ some toothpicks. It will probly die in the days to come.
    So i don't get a reply?
    What's the best KC strain?:cool:
  3. Never grew any and I've seen mixed reports of seeds not germing,hermies,phenos etc.I hear a lot like mango and mindbender's smoke.
  4. I myself am considering mango. From what ive heard the mango is very easy to grow. Apparently that is the case Papaya(mango) seeds.
  5. id go for nirvana to be safe i know there not the best but its gotta b better than using kc coz there a bit unheard of.
  6. Mango is about the only one I've heard anything good about. By chance have you looked at Mandala's beans? Very good genetics for a similar price.
  7. I saw their pages in High times last month. I tried to get on and reply sooner. But my computer fucked the whole thing up. I got so pissed at the computer I forgot what i was doing. Here I am though.

    In high times they did a review. I got on looked at the prices when I saw the review. I must have been seeing stuff... Anyways it is a similar price they even offer Beta strains still in testing....... or something like that. The sprouts doing fine. I had two now i have one something happened while transplanting the seedling and it died. I'll be proud to say even though I'm gonna order seeds, they'll still be growing beside one bagseed plant that will be a foot or two taller.
  8. I used Nirvana, they stayed in touch with me via email, shipping was quick, and the stelth thing wasn't too bad. It got here. The only thing I have to say is, the seeds were just in little zip bags with the name just wrote on the bag in marker.......I have gotten seeds from friends, but this is the first time I have ordered them, and IMO they were kinda small. Not really fat seeds.....maybe thats the way are when you order them......But their prices were cheep, compaired to some of them on DrChronics site.....I paid 30 bucks for 10 Northernlights. Its like 140 from Sensi Seeds......they must have the best strain, or a purer one.......
  9. For the price you cant beat Mandala's strains. Hashberry made High Times Top 10 list and its still only $20 a pack or so depending on who you buy from.
  10. why does no one ever mention I havent recieved my seeds yet, but i have been in touch with them and they have some of the lowest prices on feminized i can find on the entire net.
  11. take my advice steer clear of kc brains (check my post about them)

    try mandala seeds they seem alot better quality and do similar strains just using differant names ie:white satin=white widow and if you order from you can also get a pack of the safari mix for £3.50 with your order
  12. 23 and change on drchronic Just anxiously awaiting them now... :rolleyes:
  13. Somehow Mandala and Mangus confused me. Mangus had a couple of pages in high times last month, mandala did not. Some of mandala's strains really interest me.
  14. Most of Mandala's strains are landrace genetics crossed with Dutch hybrids. F1 seeds of high quality and not just your usual reshuffling of the same old cannabis genes. Nirvana is one with mostly knock-off strains but no doubt you can get some fine plants for a great price with them also.
  15. I have both Hashberry and Mandala #1 seeds waiting to be grown. I just finished a run with a few Nirvana strains and the NLxBB is a great strain. I have 9 female clones running now. You cant go wrong with a couple of Nirvana and Mandala strains.
  16. Ive heard of one called Sputnik which is very white and its got pink on the flowertips, that one always looked nice to me.
  17. The strains that are sativa and smell like pine trees are the best smoke to me. Some bagseed plants I grew were short and bushy with a skunk smell and some were sativa that had no smell at all until flowering. This one time i grew out a fruity smelling bushy plant it knocked me on my ass and I stayed there until I was un-high, but it wasn't trippy to me it was just a really hard hitting couchlock buzzz.
  18. oh yeah! my sprouts died for some reason. I've never had trouble in the past. Basically they put out the first set of serades and the stems shrivled up and went limp. I buried the stem in the ground a lil bit maybe I creased the stem on an accident. lol My shit died.:rolleyes:

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