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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Help an ex-Muslim ![/ame]
  2. signed, no religion has the right to force itself on anyone, Radical Islam is todays equvalent of the catholic church in the middle ages with the cuusade and inquisition, both are/where warping their word beyond recognition, and poisoning their own sacres texts/philosophies
  3. Damn it...the Crusades were the RESULT of the spreading of Islam! Islam had VIOLENTLY spread as far as Spain. The Crusades were like when we finally get too many Illegal Mexicans and we actually start doing something about it! Of course the Mexicans will compare it negatively to the Crusades...while in reality, it's just us sending them back...protecting our land...our culture.

    Islam IS what the Catholic church was a few hundred years good for anyone.
  4. ROFL, bringing Mexicans across the border for cheap labor is a long standing American tradition. Do you know the history of MJ prohibition? You know who it was that actually used MJ as a drug at first? LOL. Try to tell ppl in Cali, NM, and Texas that Mexicans aren't part of American culture.
  5. True that. I'm from San Diego and if Mexicans didn't exist, legal or not, the gears of my state just wouldn't keep turning.
  6. I live in Maryland, and while they may not be Mexican, the illegals make my state run, too.

    Lots of people from El Salvador for some reason...

    Regardless freedom of religion is very important, and I would like to see him not be deported. Does anyone know why he is being deported anyways?
  7. Exactly why he is being deported is not apparent. I know that it is very hard to become a citizen of the U.K. Maybe he doesn't have a regular job, or not enough income. Perhaps a Muslim government is pressuring England.

    European countries have refused to extradite violent criminals, who were sentenced, or may be sentenced, to capital punishment, to the United States. Will they now send a man to a Muslim country, where he will be executed simply because he has dared to express opinions that are contrary to Islamic beliefs? In this case, for now, maybe not - thanks to the people who sign the petition and let their opinions be heard.
  8. With Islam, the death penalty for apostates is no warping of the text of their religion. No islamic authority or school of thought exist that do not support the death penalty for leaving islam.

    Islam is barbarism, pure and simple.

    Petition signed, and I'll bring this video to the attention of my friends over at Jihadwatch, Gates of Vienna and Document (norwegian) blogs.

    We need more such brave ex-muslims who speak up, and the very least we can give them for standing up to barbarism, is give them the shelter and protection they need. Unlike what the Netherlands did to Ayan Hirsi Ali, who had to actually seek asylum in the US whilst the Dutch government was twiddling their thumbs in the name of multiculturalism when immigrant Dutch islamists threatened her life, after killing her close companion in the anti-jihad movement, the filmmaker Theo van Gogh.
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    Yeah about that, you probably don't have any idea what you are talking about when it comes to the Crusades. The Reconquista was the 800 year long "RESULT of the spreading of Islam!," and was a series of conflicts against the Moors (not even the same group of Muslims as the Fathimid Caliphate or the Seljuk Sultanate that the crusaders in the east fought) that were restricted to the southern Iberian peninsula. Who did the Muslims take that land from originally? The Visigoths, not the "noble Catholic" Spaniards or Portuguese. In the east, the only time Muslims got past Constantinople was much later when the Ottoman Empire made it to Vienna, Austria in 1683, but never took the city. Even then the fight wasnt over religion, but land, money, and power.

    The 1095 AD Crusades into the holy land were just another way to make money and an attempt by the Papacy to stop infighting within Christendom. Did it work? Sort of, when the incentive is stop killing your relatives and go kill heathens and be paid gloriously for it then why not? This wasnt a noble adventure, it was infamously greedy Feudal robber barons looking for profit. The Order of the Knights Templar? A security service and bank for pilgrims to the holy land turned military behemoth, the Teutonic Knights and their North Eastern Crusade? A land grab for the lands of the legitimate Kingdom of Lithuania, simply because Christianity wasn't mandated as their state religion. How else do you explain the fact that Crusading armies sacked the Orthodox Catholic capital of the world at Constantinople and plundered it for every bit of wealth that it had? Because the Muslims were overpopulating Europe? What Medieval European nation would have allowed so many Muslims to live within it's borders? No, it was all for the money. Its always been about the money.

    I know thats horribly off topic but damn dude, some of your posts are just ridiculous. And have fun with that Mexican crusade of yours. Not much plunder to be had there.
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    The old canard that the christian crusades was somehow happening in a vaccuum... Not true, it was a result of islamic invasion and provocation.

    [ame=]YouTube - Islamic Crusades 1: The Occupation of Constantinople[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Islamic Crusades 2: Before Islam... Egypt, Iran, Iraq[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Islamic Crusades 3: The Co-Option of Jerusalem[/ame]
  11. is that so?
  12. Yes.

    And since a 1 word reply is not kosher for technical reasons on this forum, I need to repeat myself.

  13. do your really live in norway? because a lot of your posts make it seem like your on the front line of all kinds of 'invasions' and what not. what the hell do you know about mexicans?
  14. I haven't mentioned mexicans. Are you confusing my posts with someone elses?

    I do know something about islamic invasion though, and the effect it got on our (european) societies...
  15. well you replied to my post which was a reply to someone elses post about mexicans.

    good luck with your islamic invasion though.

  16. I've noticed it really changes their perspective on foreign policy. Europeans view muslims worse than US views Mexicans.

    Probably because of the whole jihad murdering thing.

    I feel for ya, Zylark. :smoking:
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    Ok without being insulting here, your first video is about the fall of Constantinople... When did that happen? Check your video... 1453 A.D. When did the Christian Crusades begin? 1095 AD. The guy in the video skirts around this by saying they are 350 years closer to our time than the Christian crusades were... But fails to mention those lasted 200 years in the Holy Land and 20 years more in the Northern Crusades. So who provoked who there? People in the west were just as corrupt then as they can be now, don't fool yourself into thinking Chivalry meant shit to property and entitlements. The battle this guy describes sounds much more like the accounts of the sacking of Constantinople years earlier by Crusading armies. The same attack that literally burnt to the ground most of the city and saw the worst looting, murdering, rape, and defiling of sacred places of any sacking of any city in that time period. There are stories about a harlot being placed upon the Greek throne as the soldiers drank, looted, and killed. The Constantinople that existed after that was a shell of its former self. There are many accounts of the inhabitants of the city saying a Muslim invasion would have been preferable.

    By the time that the Ottomans reached Constantinople, infighting for the throne amongst brothers had crippled the city and the regions military, the only real allies it had were its Varangian guard, shit even the Venetians refused to come save the city during the siege. The Muslims took the city in one day when they finally attacked, Emperor Constantine XI died in combat its said and the city fell soon after. Most civilians that died were the ones that tried to fight the Turks, though surely some were simply murdered, because it happened in every siege. Others were allowed to go free about their lives within 3 days, and those that fled were allowed back to their homes. Of course the Muslims converted Hagia Sophia later and pissed off a lot of Catholics, I'll give you that. Fact of the matter is, the Muslims were not near as barbaric in their taking of Constantinople as the Crusaders were, and the civilian death toll was much lower because they wanted to keep the city intact and use it as a hub for their western lands, not loot it and defile it for money and political games.

    Its amazing how the facts get twisted like that. If your going to blame something on the Muslims blame them for something they started. Now when they started advancing into the West in the 17th century they were being greedy, that I would agree with totally.

    Edit: Not gonna hijack this thread any further, if you don't agree with something I said or don't believe me on anything I'll gladly discuss it in PMs :)
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    Are you implying Europe is not beeing invaded by less than friendly islamists? Are you at all keeping track of what is happening here? Have you been here and seen what is going on?

    I am telling you, it is not a joke. Our liberal democratic culture is under a very real threat here in europe. Most european countries are moving into a very dangerous place, as our political hegemony deny what our population can see with our very eyes.

    Such denial of realities will at some point burst. The sooner, the less violent.

    I blame our political leaders, for enabling this invasion, for allowing these islamists to wage war on us and our values without saying enough is enough. Our political leaders are trying for appeasement in order to fullfill their naive vision of all cultures beeing equal and living in harmony. Even if that means stifling various freedoms, such as freedom of speech.

    Like in Norway just last winter when the government tried to reintroduce blasphemy laws. Or in the Netherlands where Geert Wilders, leader of one of the largest political parties (if not the largest Dutch party by recent polls) shall stand trial for quoting from the Quran in his film "Fitna".

    Europe is in a fight for its very soul. Its very beeing as a free and modern zone of sanity. All I fear is that in the fight to regain it, we loose a bit of our humanity.

    But considering the alternative, appeasing sharia, bring it on. The sooner the better.

    edit: Bruce Bawer, American living in Norway commenting on the development (from a speech in Canada, so a couple of minutes of French introduction, the rest in english):

    [ame=""]Bruce Bawer Talk, des pointdebascule on USTREAM. Conference[/ame]

    [ame=""]Bruce bawer, Questions and answers. pointdebascule on USTREAM. Conference[/ame]
  19. If the Crusades were about Spain then why did Christendom fuck around for 700 years until they could be bothered with the Reconquista? They seemed much happier fighting with the Safavids in Jerusalem (In the Levant, which, it is worth noting, is on the other end of the Mediterranean from Spain and officially out of Europe) than to actually fight the Andalusian Moors who had been ruling in Spain for hundreds of years by then.

    I think it's pretty evident that the rest of Europe was just happy that the Moors had been turned back after they tried to break out of Iberia.
  20. no i wasnt being a smart ass about it i really am very ignorant to the subject. and honestly...i could care less:eek:. i mean if you want to take action be my guest, its just that i, like the vast majority of americans, feel unaffected by islamic culture

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