Help! AK48 turned purple!?

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  1. Hello, so my plant is ak48 and it's growing outside, it's week 4 or 5 of flowering and it turned purple. It was completely green and good looking but now it's purple. And I have the same age and strain plant in a different spot not far from the first spot and the plant is normal and green. I have heard that plants can get purple because of genetics and low temps at night, but ak48 shouldn't turn purple right? And the temperatures at night is +9 C at lowest, so it's not so cold. Will the plant be ok? And the spots on it's leaves is calcium deficiency? And also the purple ak48 buds look weird, something like a hermie? Because the other ak48 looks normal. Thanks!
  2. Thats not ak48

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  3. Bro.. Who told you that was ak48?
  4. What else is that? Both plants are ak48 from nirvana, and those are the only plants that are flowering right now because they are autoflowering plants. All other plants are photoperiod and still in veg, so it can't be different strain, and I marked them when I planted. Can you suggest me what to do? Will it be ok? and is the purple one a hermie?
  5. That is NOT ak48. It is made clear by the fan leaves and the buds that are developing. I am 30% sure that it i Blueberry.. I do not know what it is. And it does look healthy, so yes it will be ok.
  6. Ok thank's for help. maybe nirvana made a mistake and put the wrong seeds in ak48 package.
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  7. You will find out on your own if it's gonna hermie. Only time will tell. So far I doesn't look like a hermie thi. Perhaps shotty genetics?
  8. I haven't seen a hermie in life so I am not sure how it looks. In those pictures you can see that the plant with green leaves has normal buds, but the purple one has weird buds with something that looks like balls, but those are not pollen sacs.
  9. Try Google man. Pretty HD pictures. You can't miss it. It's pretty much male parts on your female. That's all it is. That means balls or bananas (these pop out of the balls)
  10. Just keep eyes peeled for literally, banana looking things. They're bright yellow. Or balls. Those should be dead obvious lol
  11. No bananas there but something that looks like balls. Look at the picture. Maybe those are seeds growing in flower? Or there shouldn't be seed in normal feminized plant?
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  12. Ahh I can see the confusion. Negative. That's just bud as in the desired stuff. It has different structure depending on strain and growing conditions.
  13. Whether it has seed or not I'm not sure. U can tear it off and inspect it. That's why I do every now and then to make sure ai didn't get pollinated
  14. Ok, next time I will take it of a make some pictures, thank's for help. I will update, stay tuned please ;)
  15. So I took a look and I think those things are just buds. Maybe some suggestions, because I think my plants are not so healthy and the yield looks small
  16. That purple one is definitely a different strain. And also how far into flowering are you? You must typically stay between 8-9 weeks for a harvest. And what is your location? What country/state? How much direct sunlight does your plants get?
  17. First pistils showed on 13th of june, so I think now it's 6th week of flowering. 56 parallel north. I don't know because spot has trees around it, so not really much sunlight but I guess at least 7 hours
  18. Try and put it in the sunniest spot there is. I do not know where you are, so I am not sure if climate is affecting it. Because if you're in Norway or someplace cold, you would get lower yields if growing outdoors..

    Otherwise, what soil do you use? What nutrients do you give it? When it is flowering you shouldn't give it any nitrogen, high phosphorus, and high potassium
  19. The purple will happen when temperatures go below 50°F. Sugars develop in the leaves turning them purple. It is the plants natural antifreeze.
  20. Supersoil based on subcool recipe. Mainly organic stuff like worm castings, compost tea etc. but also epsom salts and some other chemical nutrients mixed with water. No the temeperatures are ok here, +9 at night is the lowest.

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