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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by panicattack420, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. well i smoked for about 4 years i was quite a attick.. man it was fun gettin high and walkin to the park talking with females and you know what high people do.. so 1 day me and freind haD no weed. so its a sunny day in california about 100 degrees we hit the park .. i seen a freind from elementary schoo and i buy 5 bucks of schawg but hooked up... on my way home i see my freind peeter . i ttell him i have weed . i was excited like a lil kid getting a PSP or something.. he pulls out his gravity bong with a phat ass bowl.. i has been smokin for years but i had never smoked out of a bong just pipes and joints. so he packs a bowl .. we started smoking he was showin me some pics of some pornal star he fucked over the weekend wile beinh a security guard at a hotel lol... i was on my 5TH hit when i suddently here a loUD THUMP in my heart and i put my hand over my heart and it was beatin like a motherfucker!!!! I GOT UP AND I WAS LIKE YO IM HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!!. they started crackin up i guess they thought i was gonna dance or somethng..but i was serious so here i am gasping for air and shakin with fear after about 30 seconds they kinda start trying to help me out.. my oldest freind is 24 so he was like... dont worry its the weed relax .. i was calmin down when suddently my other freind runs out of the dooor and runs to my house LOL so i run after him .... 2blocks later my heart was beating so hard ... i was gettin ready for it 2 stop . i get HOME call the ambulance they get their.. and im shaking like a motherfucker...dang what a trip.. after that day....i stopped for about 3 days.. then i got high again and the same shit happend i was in the showers for like 40 minutes tryin to burn out.. just thinking negative thoughts..
    so 4 days after being h0me trippin balls thinking my heart was fucked up..i go 2 the hospital and they say my heart was fine... but i cant stop these peranoid thought man ...its like they hunt me or like im TRAUMATIZED.. my heart developed PVC cuz off all that stress in my life at 1 point... for example my perents found out, and i was trippin balls for 3 weeks striaight and i couldnt smoke out anymore... im currently taking medication called metropoline it helps lower tachycardia a heart deziese... has anyone beeen though some fucked up like that...??
    but like a true stooner I STIL WANT TO SMOKE!!!

    i smoked about 1 month ago.. it was half bad trip and half goood..
    im takin medication for axiety attacks. AINT THAT A BITCH!!
  2. Just stay off of that particular weed. Shits probly laced
  3. Might have been the pot, might have been from other trauma or other drugs in your life. Either way i think it wasn't the pot. You got really stoned and maybe didn't

    Gravity Bongs Make people Stoned, yes they do. First time i came to a new understanding in my life about pot was when i smoked hash out of a gravity bong. I understood The feeling of being Stoned, Ripped and twisted.

    But in the end I don't think its possible to trip off of Pot. Maybe if it was laced, but you should be more careful with who your smoking with and what it is then. Buy the ticket take the ride.
  4. I heard a guy saying weed laced with coke did the same thing..
  5. same thing happened to me but i am pretty sure it wasnt laced. you just got really fucked up and when ur fucked up and worry about having a heart attack it makes u think ur having one when ur fine. Just get ur mind off of having a heart attack and u will be fine.
  6. Happend to me too, but i had a major panic attack and tripped hardcore from it. Happend the next time i smoked too. But after acouple months the bad feeling went away and now im normal again. But i was traumatized from it for like 3 months.
  7. Just wondering to people that might know, but does this kind of thing happen to all stoners at some point during their smoking lives, or is it just some weird thing that happens to an unlucky few? I'm asking because I've never had any kind of panic attacks like I was gonna die or anything, though I have had times where I get really paranoid that I'm gonna get caught, though not so much anymore. Anyway I've never experienced any thing like what panicattack420 described, but I've seen a bunch of these threads popping up.
  8. hmm i dont think its the weed that happens to me all thwe time and i know everytime my weed isnt laced lol i think its just the onset of the high coming on idk thats what i think it is for me
  9. Newbie, lol. It's called getting high, hehe
  10. No, its not called getting high. I smoked every day for about 2 years. Just recently I have been having SEVERE panic attacks when I am ripped. I am sure the weed is not laced because thats just fucking gay and I buy from my friends. I also had anxiety disorder when I was in high school so I know what a panic attack feels like and it is scary as shit. You cannot control your own mind and its a serious mind fuck. You can feel various things, my roomate has them and he feels like he is dying, his heart is beatin super fast. When I get them I feel like I am on my last trip of mushrooms which was horribly bad and scary. That last trip made me stop all hallucinogins. But when I smoke a blunt on 2 heads of some midgrade I get so high that I feel like I am tripping and tripping makes me very uncomfortable and I start to freak out. I dunno whats wrong, I am taking a small break hopefully it will fix itself.
  11. wow i dont even know that i sure hope it never happens to me
  12. I've never had any type of panic attack while getting high, but I know a few people that have, I also know a quite a few others that havn't.
  13. In my opinion shit doesn't "fix itself". If you have panic attacks when you're high...stop getting high. Really examine what may be causing them, see a psychiatrist. Seriously you shouldn't get high if you're body or mind is telling you something's wrong.
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  14. You guys have to take into concideration that not everyone is the same. Through experiance i notice then when i smoke really good shit, or allot of weed myheart seems to speed up. I know the feeling he is talking about when he said he panicked. I would say that you were just really high. I wouldn't make any assumptions that the weed was laced.

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