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  1. My leaves are curling over and the tips on some are going white, there just over 2 weeks old and there growing at a fast rate, I just started to feed them nuts as of this second, I was wondering if the curling and white tips really matter anyone have any advice that i could improve my plants thanks!!!
  2. I'm new to the game too bruh, but I've logged about 100 hrs on YouTube alone in research hrs... you shouldn't give any nutrients until 3 weeks from emerged from the dirt assert the earliest. If they yellowed after you gave them the nutrients then you burn them and the others prolly do the same thing...... how many lights do you habe on them?? Wattage?? Lumens???
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  3. I have a 24 wattage bulb, im wating for an extension to attach 5 more 24 watt bulbs! Could this be the reason the leaves are sagging
  4. 24hrs lighht?? Watering schedule??
  5. Are there holes in those cups??
  6. 18/6 water about every 3rd day as when the top of soil drys I just put holes for drainage as before I didn't have any drainage
  7. There wasn't before but I did just a few hours ago
  8. Here's a quick ref for you. It's a good idea too color print it out and save it. Curling and tips turning is definitely a nute issue. A good rule is to not feed them until about five weeks old and when watering, pick the plants up and test their weight. It will feel like next to nothing when the water has dried and it's a good idea to allow them to dry before watering again. Best of luck to you!
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  9. Thank you
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  10. Ooooooh k, now were getting to the bees knees!! Sooo yeah the leaves droopped because they were over watered... on top of Insufficient lighting.... then the nute burn ta boot... this what you wanna do bruh.... put them back in 24hrs light; that's number 1
    Number 2 if you don't have ph up n down and as ph test, get it!! It's vital!!!
    You said you just put holes for drainage but make sure it insures sufficient drainage. When I did mine I put 4 quarter inch wholes at the bottom. All though I didn't leave them in the cups but for 2 weeks then I moved them to some 3 gallon pots. As soon as you get your lights put them up, get your girls in 24hrs, give them ph'd water between 5.8 & 6.5 (I stay between 6 & 6.5) and if your using tap water make sure you let it sit out with the top off for three days so the chlorine evaporates!!!
  11. You said yours are three weeks old right?? So I'm guessing somewhere between 19 n 21 days?? These pics are of mines at 25 days. I took these Aug 20th. This is three different plants that I had under just 4×16 watt 1200 lumen cfls..

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  12. Thank you so much bro, I got a good idea now with what needs to be done! I'll try get everything under way as soon as possible! Yours look amazing, obviously mine are stunted and aren't growing at the rate yours is due to setbacks! I boil tap water to bring the ph down to between 5-7 it's the best I can do! Thanks once again bro!
  13. You can get the whole ph test kit with ph up n down on Amazon for like 10bucks bruh
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  14. Check your runoff pH as well. You can water at the perfect pH 100% of the time and still have issues in the dirt. I can't see the original pics here for some reason so I can't give you exact advise but this is an important way to ensure the pH is good.
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  15. But I appreciate the love on my (hopefully) girls... i once was lost also, it's all apart of paying dues in your craft!! LLS! But once I got that ph right.... then bitches took offff!!! Now in hitting them with the LST , and fox farm big grow.... that loving it!!!
  16. Those clear cups are going to murder your roots with algae.

    Soil needs more aeration, unless you're using rice hulls and they're blending in. 40% of my soil mix is perlite, they love it.
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  17. Is that coco you're growing in? Place those clear cups in another cup to prevent light from getting to the roots. Next time add 50% perlite to your coco and add good drainage holes. Pre-charge your coco and start feeding 1/4 strength nutes from day one. I would hardly call that growing at a fast rate - you want fast growth then add perlite for more oxygen to the roots and always feed to run off.

    Three weeks old from sprout.
    3 weeks.JPG
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  18. Really? Is that what you'd do when he's in coco that is an inert medium containing zero nutrients? Jeez.

    OP, start feeding those plants a pH balanced nutrient mix and get some better light on them, that's all there is to it.
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  19. What "nute burn"????

    just started to feed them nuts as of this second,

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  20. I don't see the OP saying anywhere on here that it is in coco. I see Mick Foster asking the question about them being in coco but that's it. You don't have to be an ass.

    OP, I didn't see coco except the question. Are they in coco? If so, go with Mick on that. I would be mistaken on the nutes.
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