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    Hey thanks for taking the time to open and read this. Intro:I had to harvest the white widow at 7 weeks due to some circumstances which I saw coming and blushed the containers of soil with pure water 7-10 days prior to harvest. I clipped individual branches, hung upside down with the stems and placed them in a cool dry place with a fan to move around the air along with a carbon scrubber for the smell. Prob: I tested one of the buds and about an hour after I suffered from an intense head ache. I think this is from improper timing of the flush from the ferts being left over inside of the bud.... Question: What can I do to help this problem so that it can be smoked? Will theirs a way! I need some advice please. Thank You
  2. try water curing them. just google it, you'll find a guide for it.
  3. did you try to smoke it again?

    maybe your headache wasnt weed related

    does it look or smell different?
  4. I believe its not that its harsh as in it wants to make me cough. I feel as though there are a large amount of nutrients left over in the female buds that contribute to my head ache...yes I tried it again and a head ache followed. It looks fine and smells fine...what can I do that is going to make it valuable? I don't want to hurt the white widow name or credibility.
  5. water cure. i'm telling you. it flushes out all the chemicals and shit that are in the bud from growing.
  6. I read up on water curing since it was new to me...seems like it works for flushing out all of the ferts left in the buds. Any thoughts from others who think that I should do this?
  7. Should I just wait out the air drying process and if that doesn't fix the headache problem then water cure it?
  8. I've noticed that when i smoke to much fresh fire/chronic whatever you wanna call it, it gives me a head ache. what iv done is smoke less of it or let it cure and dry just a lil bit more. Also i would not recommend the water cure, you loss weight, potency, and bag appeal in my case (maybe i did it wrong i dunno but i would rather not try again).
  9. Does the bud have a harsh, chemical-like taste? That's typically a sign of having not flushed properly. Also, if the bud doesn't burn cleanly, it could also indicate leftover stuff in it.

    I say continue air drying it, and if it's still too harsh, just make edibles with it. That's what I did with a bagseed plant from my first grow, it smelled nasty (not good nasty) and tasted kinda gross, so I just cut the whole damn thing up and made a ton of butter. Got FUCKED UP on delicious cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats, capn crunch get the idea :D

  10. actually, i'm pretty sure that no potency is lost, THC is not soluble in water.
  11. The smell is consistent with past white widow and the taste is greener then the past since proper curing has not taken place yet. With the taste testing I just quickly dried a few small buds. I expect with the final trimming and curing the "normal" flavor will age and come out. I have another question towards whats happening to the (N.P,K) that are within the cells of the buds as the plant dries. Do these three elements remain in the buds at the same level throughout drying and curing or are they converted into something else? I guess I don't understand how air drying is going to remove these elements that cause the head pain? In the mean time I have taken a few small portion of buds and water curing them to compare the results about a week from now with the air dried ones. As far as watering curing the process does seem to loose some of the THC not because of the water curing but because the handling of them through changing water and submerging them under water under an object to hold them under the water line. At least from what I have read.
  12. hey man,
    i get a sore head from smoking cabbage, also from really fresh weed that isnt properly dried.
    just wait till its cured, should be fine.
    7 days of flushing should be sweet, some people dont flush at all.
    I dont think its a flushing thing.
    just to be sure, you not mixing a hell head high with a head ache are you?
  13. No, I was not suffering with a head ache and looking for the potent White Widow before smoking. It happened to me as well as the gf about an hour after consuming half a gram each on three different occasions. I used Fox Farm Ocean Forest along with their grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom with 25% perlite added, SCROG'ed under a 600W. I flushed the soil 7-10 prior 3x amount of water vs. volume of soil until the water read the same ppm coming out as what was being put in (apx.200ppm).
  14. By air drying is this going to take care of the problem on its own? Advice please!

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