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    Sup blades!  :wave:
    \n\nI'm new to the indoor section here on GC, sure feels good to be here! I'll be in the organics section soon enough when this grow kicks off, just have a few questions before I make any major moves.
    \nHere's the situation: My partner and I smoke a fair bit of medicine, to the point where it's kind of ridiculous, but we love it and have no regrets or signs of stopping despite 'the man'. 
    Along with the evident fact that we were smoking our hard-earned money, the quality of weed just sucks in our area. You're lucky to find something that has actually been dried.
    So, after we lost our outdoor crop to floods last season, we figured 'why the hell not', and dived headfirst into the world of indoor growing.. And here I am now :smoke:
    \nMy grow space will be a Secret Jardin DR120 II (120cmx240cmx200cm) and a Secret Jardin DR240w II (240cmx120cmx200cm). My plan is to grow 4 plants in each grow tent, so there will be 4 vegging and flowering at the same time, all at different stages. Does this sound about right?
    \nDue to electricity usage being a concern I'm planning on buying x2 SolarStorm 800w for the DR240, and x1 SolarStorm 800w for the DR120, would this be too much heat/light and would the SS 400w be better? Very new to this, any information on lighting/anything highly appreciated!
    I'll be back with more questions on this thread as I get more into the project. The strain line-up is looking tasty, hopefully I'll have things going in no time. Hope you're in this for the long run with me guys! 
    Adios for now, 
    Clouds :bongin:

  2. if I'm understanding your tent size? sounds like 4 plants isn't using all your space. they don't need to be all at the same stage but you'll figure it out as you go. on lighting I'm not your guy, I'm a MH, HPS user. Good luck and welcome!
    Gday RAB,
    \n\nI was actually reconsidering going with only 2 plants per tent, with a light over each plant to get max coverage, 7.8ft x 3.9ft x 6.5ft doesn't seem like too much room to me for 4 plants, I guess I'll have to find out. Here's a little pic of Secret Jardin model I'm going to be running with.
    As a MH & HPS user, whats your opinion on the best lighting? I was thinking running veg and flower with the backstar LEDs or these Illuminator LED lights, and having a 400w/600w MH at the far right side of the grow, for when each plant is on it's last few weeks. Does this sound like a good idea? MXgrower does is beautifully, but I'm not sure if he does so because he has an extra MH lying around and no more LEDs... Any recommendations on a MH that would go well?
    What I'm mostly confused about is the installation of the carbon filter/intake outtake fans in this tent, temp control, how to time the lights, anything technology related, thanks for the reply bud!
    \nI'm sure this thread would belong in the grow room setup & lighting section of the forums, I was unaware when I posted and any mod is welcome to move it the correct place. Keep growing everyone!
    \n\nClouds :bongin:
  4. You could easily fit 8 plants in one of those tents, 2'x2' per plant.  I can't speak as to the efficacy of the specific LED you are thinking of using, but there are a LOT of rip-offs in the LED market right now; a lot aren't that powerful, use cheap low-watt diodes, and aren't the right spectrum.  Also a lot of them have poor heat removal systems.  The best LED I've found is the LumiGrow, however their 1000w-equivalent is just shy of a grand.  But it is well worth the money; all light it delivers is photosynthetically active radiation (meaning plants absorb it to photosynthesize).  It uses massive heat sinks to draw heat away from the LEDs. 
    I've never used LEDs, mostly because I've read horrid reviews of those listed on Ebay and such, and my pockets aren't deep enough atm to drop a grand on a light.  My 1000w works good for now.
    I would really go with an MH/HPS set up if you can't afford the LumiGrow.  I wouldn't trust these tiny little chinese-made LEDs.  They use cheap diodes that degrade quickly.
    As far as the intake goes, heres what I did; I have a 4x4x7 tent running a 1000w hps.  I have a ~400cfm fan.  My filter is attached to the reflector via ducting, then more ducting to the fan.  Then more ducting running to the outside.  So filter<flexible ducting<Air cooled reflector<flexible ducting<fan<flexible ducting<outside.  For a passive intake i used a 6" duct extender.  I duct-taped some insect netting on the outside, and voila!
    Hope this helps.
  5. couldnt have said it beter than mmjman. I dont know LED's but have heard the same but have also seen some very good results. My tent that size i'm using for veg. 2 600w MH with air cooled hoods vented. Also have 2 6in inline vent fans, 1 for intake into room and 1 for outtake if that makers sense? My lights & light vent are on a digital timer. Room vent in & out and oscillating fan are on another. I dont use a carbon filter with the tent and dont have any smell issues
     Unless youre growin monsters i'd think you could fit more in tent. start with a couple then in couple weeks ad more then so on. Then its time to harvest your first then your next and keep adding as you take.
     The one thing I would never scimp on is lighting! Whatever type. Not saying dont try and find a good deal but if it sounds to good to be true it is.
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    \nThanks for stopping by MmjMan :smoke:
    \n\nI'm aware I could fit much more plants into the space provided in the DR240, but due to laws/regulations where I'm from I'd like to be caught with as least plants growing as possible if anything goes to the shit. I'm actually planning on putting 2 plants in each tent.
    I've seen Rumple's grows and how MX does a single LED over each plant for a perpetual harvest, right now I'm leaning towards combining those two ideas together, running a perpetual organic LED tent grow, should work out being the easiest approach in the long run anyway. 
    I'm thinking something like 8 weeks veg time in the first DR240, then the healthiest goes to the second tent, and when next vegger comes in moves up to final spot under strongest light half way through flower. Does that sound about right?
    \nYeah brother I've done lot's of profound research into LEDs, they're a new unreliable technology and at first glance anything looks adequate for a grow room I know what you mean haha. I am very interested in trying LED out though, as this project will be all about replicating the perfect natural environment for the plants,  and like you said the spectrums on some good LED's are just unbeatable, what they give off and what the plants receive. 
    The LumiGro brand is what I was thinking about purchasing, it seems they're very open about they're products and they prefer quality over price when it comes to lighting. I watched a video on their old 330 unit a while back and they took the entire thing apart alongside a factory LED right, very interesting and re-assuring.
    I'm a complete rookie when it comes to the amounts of light needed in certain spaces/indoor in general, I have just never been able to get my head around the watts needed in a area, and with all the different spectrums and LED diodes it's just so confusing. If i was to buy a LumiGro LED unit, would the LumiGro Pro 325 cover a 4x4 area?. Or would a LumiGro Pro 650 be the better choice? Right now I'm thinking of running the veg tent with the LumiGro Pro 650 over 4 plants on one side of the tent, and the flower tent with a LumiGro Pro 650 on one side for the less mature plant, and a 800w SolarStorm LED unit for the most mature plant, does all this sound reasonable man? Don't want to go wasting hard earned money. 
    \nThanks much for the reply and information man, the details on your intake will definitely come in handy in the near future, this will be my #1 reference since the dimensions of your tent and mine split in two are almost identical! 
    \n\nHave a great one brother, keep burning and learning :smoke:
    Clouds :bongin:
    Heya RAB,
    He did hit the nail on the head didn't he? ;)
    Apart from the knowledge I've gathered about LED light's density and spectrums, I'd have to say the good results I've seen is what got me looking into this new technology a while ago. There sure is some awesome results out there, I love LED's obvious penetrating abilities. Veggers just seem so short and stocky, with insane internodes and great SCROG potential, not sure I'll be initiating this technique with this grow, just some topping and maybe a lil LSTing..
    And did you say you had a tent the same size as the DR240? That's sweet man! You will be an excellent reference for this grow! So you'd say 2x600w is ideal for a tent this size? I was thinking of getting the LumiGro 650, and a Solarstorm 800w at the other side of the tent, might be a bit too much... (Light and $$$ haha). Only reason I'm really looking into the solarstorm is the reviews I've heard about it and how honest the company is, along with these UV T8s on both side of the LED panel.. Since I'm trying to find a high density light to finish each plant off, the included UVB's make the purchase irresistible..  :unsure: What are you're thoughts man?
    I've heard here and there that the 6inch vent fans are the way to go with this model/size tent, cheers for clearing that up bro. And oh really no carbon filter? That's makes sense especially when there are no plant's flowering, I may have to buy one though as I live near neighbours/a main road, you get the idea.
    And yeah man that's the plan, filling the DR20 up with 2 plants  :cool: I guess I'll have to see how it goes, I've just seen growers getting the same yields even less with multiple plants compared with one plant in the same area/same wattage, I don't have any solid data to back it up though.
    Cheers for dropping around man, take it easy!  :metal:
    Clouds :bongin:
  7. Hey clouds, glad to see you've done your research and LED does seem to have a lot of potential. Looks like you've got some good ideas about your set up and am wanting to see how it all works out.
     A carbon filter may be a good thing in your case cause even in veg you still will have a green somethings growin smell, its just not an issue for me.
     As far as fewer plants sometimes less can work better. Well shaped full plants can yield more than a bunch of plants crammed together. I try for a happy medium. I try and stay away from to tall and work on full bushy plants.
     I see youre goin organic if I read correct. Right on! I went long ago and am so glad I did. Still so much to learn. Ive grown almost every way under the sun and to me organics cant be beat!.
    Cheers for the re-assurance RAB it's what I need right now mate :smoke:
    LED's certainly have potential but like you said one cannot just buy a random LED light a hope for the best to work out for them. I guess to get the most out of them you actually have to know what you're dealing with lol. On Rumple's grow here on GC he yielded something close to 8zips (could've been over) from one plant under four 180w LEDs, don't remember the details but I'm (hoping) to replicate his grow as well as possible in a more organic manner. Good to know you're along for the ride man, I'll be picking up supplies and ordering equipment over the next few weeks and will set the entire grow up here on this thread stay tuned!
    Yeah I'm going to have to go with a carbon filter, I don't need two per 8x4x6.5 tent on each side do I? I have a friend that's mentioned using two in a closet even smaller I thought he was crazy haha.
    Just a quick question og, I've been adamant on using SIP's as the final transplant in the flowering tent, but I'm new to the whole SIP system. I'll be using AACTs throughout the grow especially during flowering and was wondering how I'm going to apply an AACT when the plant's are in a SIP pot? One would think to use it the usual way a compost tea is applied, but I've heard the point of a SIP setup is to draw water from the bottom and keep the top of the soil dry. I don't think pouring the AACT down the pipe sounds logical either, any knowledge on this brother?
    And yeah man that's what I was thinking, let the LED's, AACTs, cooked soil, and SIP pots do their thing, get the girls big, and flower them under the 800w SS :smoke: Should be a good show. How many veg weeks do you think would be applicable to fill one half the tent (4x2) come harvest time? There's always more things to learn when it comes to organics isn't there haha, it sure is the only way to go when it comes to growing anything! Nothing can argue with the yields/flavours/beauty/ease that organics attribute, that's why I'm trying to replicate nature as much as possible in this tent grow ;)
    Appreciate you popping around bro, keep growing the good stuff!
    Clouds :bongin:
  9. Hey guys :wave: 
    Just a few more questions before I hit the hay. :smoke:
    I'm not too sure at all about digital timers to use for the LED lights and the fans, RAB did you have any links to the ones you bought/any reliable sources so I can get an idea? Is it as simple as plugging it into a power-point then plugging the lights plug into the timer? 
    When it comes to exhaust from the grow tent, what do you guys do? Just let the outtake air run directly out of the tent into the room the tent is in? I'm thinking of using a crafty way to direct heat/smell out, I've heard running it into the ground makes it disperse, if I can make that happen.. Might have to make a window panel like in a full-room grow and let the exhaust directly out through there, any ideas? 
    And on the 800w SolarStorm again, I'm thinking of buying it ASAP and need some opinions. I've heard a 400w SS supplemented with a 400w HID will bring outstanding results, it would end up taking less out of my pocket too. Sounds a lot more complicated though (temperature-wise ect). All I'm after is the perfect light to create the densest flowers at the last stages of each of plants development, still not quite sure what way to go..
    Have yourselves a good one fellas,
    Clouds :bongin:
  10. I've got many unanswered questions I'm hoping to get answers from here on the city, you fellas opinions mean more than anyone else's, you guys know that.
    \nBring on the replies, need as much help as I can handle on this project so I can get it up and running on GC for all you blades to enjoy  :smoke:
    \nAny feedback and/or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, I just want to incorporate this grow to its max potential. Just finished a review on the stuff I'm smoking, good dope. Would pick-up some K-Train when you get the chance, peep my smoke report here!
    \n\nTake it easy, you legends!
    Clouds  :bongin:
  11. 3 watt LEDs are much better that 2 watts.
    Hey krytpo, :wave: 
    Thanks for the input man, I'm going to go with the solar storms, I've heard they're one of the few brands with 3w. Looking into getting a 400w solarstorm for veg in a 4x4x8 sj tent, and another 400w along with my 800w in a 8x8x8 sj tent, does that sound sufficient or could I go all out and get three 800s for veg and flower? 
    Cheers for stopping by brother,
    Clouds :bongin:
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    Whats crackin my friend?

    I don't know a whole lot about LED lighting, so I won't be of much help in that regard.

    Best tip I can give you right now is to start your plants! Start seeds or gather clones.. its gonna take a while for them to come up, so no better time than now to get them going. You can add onto your lighting and everything else as they grow up.

    I'm super interested in LED's... Blackstar 240's in particular. I would love to add a few to my room for some supplemental lighting.. A fellow grow bro here named BakuganBrawler has had some mad success using these lights in his own tents. :cool:

    Subbed up fo sho! :wave:
    Ironhead! :yay:
    Nothing much brother, hitting some bowls, finishing up some beaut cannabutter... brainstorming :rolleyes:
    Awesome to have you here man, I'm sure there's lot's I can learn in the future from such a legendary grower regardless! 
    I'm still a while away from wetting seeds unfortunately :( Wish I could have some babies coming up right now sooo much, still have to sort out a carbon filter and air intake/out-take for my darkroom 120, new to indoor growing entirely :eek:
    Also have to get a few more amendments for my soil mix as well, planning on cooking the soil in airpots inside the tent till I can just throw some sprouts in, so I guess I'm still a few weeks or so away from getting started :(
    Since this is my first messing with LEDs, tents, even organics, I'm thinking of starting off with 4 crappy hermi bagseed, see how everything pans out and go from there with good genetics. Probably 3 bagseed and 1 purchased seed haha you know how it is with impatience..
    This is what I have right now to go with, anything here you'd recommend starting off with as an easy to grow/no fail indoor strain bro?
    • bomb seeds - big bomb
    • hazeman - cocoa puffs
    • hazeman - white 88 g-13 hashplant
    • samsara - crazy miss hyde
    • world of seeds - nl x skunk
    • wos - afghan kush ryder
    • kannabia - karamelo
    • female seeds - c99
    • humbodlt seed org - trainwreck
    • hso - blue dream
    • hso - pineapple skunk
    • hso - og kush
    LEDs would be amazing to see in your grow, I'm feel in it! ;) I've heard a damn lot about the Blackstar 240s too man, they're alot more on the cheaper side than all the Solarstorms i'm planning on investing on as well. Checking out Mr. Bakugan for sure!
    Only real upside I see about the solar storms that they're 3w which apparently makes a big difference, so many hard decisions to make :confused2:
    Crazy having you stop by broheim, have a good one G!
    Clouds :bongin:
  15. :wave:  Cloud
    There are a lot of friendly blades who use LEDs and grow organically.
    The solar storm is a good light, MRSMichigan, Rhapsodyrcks, and Ganjas majoris all use it
    TG42 and Gillybillybean use Advanced Led diamond series
    Medsforme uses the ProGrows
    DumDumDummy and FickySiskers also use LED can't remember what off the top of my head.
    I can post a few of their journals here if you'ld like or you can find them in the organic or indoor grow journals.
    Ironhead's suggestion of Bakugan is excellent as well, he is very friendly blade willing to help.
     Welcome to the pink light experience   :cool:
    Pleased to meet you bro :smoke:
    I did a search a while ago on the solarstorms here on the city, stumbled across rhapsody and ganja and have been paying undiluted attention since :yay: I'll have to have a good look at what all these LEDheads are up to, never enough skilled mentors and references! 
    I tried checking out Bakugan earlier today but his profile is set to private, not sure if it's to do with this whole new interface thing on GC or if I have to send a request or..?  :confused_2:
    Cheers for stopping by my man, and thanks for the warm welcome! 
    Clouds :bongin:
  17. Hey clouds!
    Sorry I havn't been around, I guess I replied just as they got rid of "auto-sub" and forgot to hit the follow  button.  Lol.
    How've ya been brobeans??  I hope you can get started soon, you said you were still trying to figure out a plan for a filter and in-/outtake?
    I got my carbon filter on Ebay, I think it was like 70-80 USD with free shipping.  I'm just shy of 7 weeks of flower and the filter works like a champ.  No smell outside the outtake vent at all.  I have a ~400cfm fan, you may need one a lil bigger bc your grow space doubles mine.  Hit up ebay man, shit's hella cheap.  The hydro shop tried selling me the same sized filter for 190. 
    Also feel free to check out my journal, it's been lonely lately lol.
    May your garden be blessed with good fortune.
    Take it easy, bromigo B)
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    Hey bro :wave:
    All good man, all good, exact same thing happened to me. Damn new interface.
    Things have been cruizy over here brohiem, been getting a nice soil mix together to cook in the tent, made my decision and ordered x5 airpots, seen lot's of good results with them and will be using them in the veg tent, probably make some more SIPs for the flowering tent :smoke:
    I'm just online right now ordering things, did you know what brand your carbon filter is man? Thinking of going with Phresh heard lot's about them, I'm not sure about what size to get though for the 8x4x7 and 4x4x7 tents, any ideas what I'll be needing for each tent and if I need any certain sizes to fit before I jump the gun and buy the wrong thing? hahaha :confused_2:
    If a 400cfm fan does well in your 4.5x4.5x7 I'm sure they would do well in my DR120 (4x4x7), which is roughly the same :metal:  I'll be focusing on decking out the DR120 first as my veg chamber then work on the DR240 flowering tent while the babies grow in the smaller tent, I'm guessing around 500-600cfm for the 8x4x7 room? I've heard 6inch is the correct size to use for the Secret Jardins, is this correct bruth?
    Just need to get everything perfect  :eek:
    Here's some links of what I'm considering for the tent right now, what do you think man?
    This - has a fan and carbon filter included what's your take?
    Is This what a good outtake fan should look like?
    This is a nice and cheap carbon filter sounds similar to what you bought, would it do?
    Any input on the above links appreciated man, I'll hold off buying them with my order right now like I said don't want to jump the gun ;) All this is for the 4x4x7 DR120 by the way :smoke:
    Things are looking beautiful down your way man, sending the positive vibes straight back to you!
    Clouds :bongin:
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    I've been working on a soil mix and self-wicking pots too hahaha. Great minds think alike I suppose :smoke:
    Unfortunately I am uncertain of the filter brand, I'll take a look next time I'm at my CG's place.  I do know that phresh was the one they had at the hydro shop for over twice what I paid, and I've heard good things of Phresh from other sources as well.  I think we got ours from Gotham Hydro on Ebay.  They have fan/filter combos too that are pretty cheap.  I should have gotten a combo instead of paying 100 for the fan alone.  I would look into this.
    Exhaust for the flower tent depends on your final setup. You should be good with one~600cfm fan and passive intake if youre using leds. 
    (first link) I think the filter is too small for that fan.  Ours is 2ft I believe.  I'll measure it next time I'm over there.  I would look on ebay, cheaper and shipping is free compared to an extra 35.85.
    (second link) Yep, that's what you want in an exhaust fan.  That size is perfect for your 4x4.
    (third link) I havn't heard of them before, but that's basically what youre looking for.  Again, I would check ebay.
    Hope this helps mein Freund  :wave:
  20. Subbed! I've got some HSO Blue Dreams and an HSO Train Wreck going at the moment. Cant wait to see your grow take off. Gotta Love that Blue Dream :bongin:

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