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  1. Ok so its my first time ever attempting an indoor grow im working with some good bagseeds just as trial and error. But here is my question i transplanted my girls (hope they are) from 1 gal pots to a much larger 8 gallon square planter how can i do to direct more light onto them. I might be over freaking but thats why im asking for yalls help!!!

    - Under a 400 watt mh 18/6 light organic soil fox farm soil trio

    The plants are in the bigger square planter now. Day 21 from germination.

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  2. You might want to think about investing in a 400w HPS ,a 250w at the least
  3. What do you mean "direct more light to them"? If you want more light you need to install more lughts, or change up to a bigger wattage. Getting a better reflector will direct a bit more light but it's not going to make big differences. You could wrap B&W plastic around them so they get better reflected light. Those are some big ass pots, be careful you don't over water them
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  6. I did wonder myself but I just presumed he means for when its flowering time.  :confused_2:
  7. GoldGrower ever since i repotted to larger squares i feel like im losing a lot of light since the planters stick out either side of the hood. When they were in the one gal pots they were right under the light in that glowing sweet spot! And reflective ideas i live in bfe lowes, home depot is 45 mins away and nothing else arund besides food lion and dollar general.... Thanks ia.
  8. I have a 400 watt mh/hps ballast and bulbs with a batwing reflector...
  9. Alone and strange thanks bud im tryin workin with what i can get my hands on its hard to find anything for growing within an 1hr drive.... Those big squares came from dollar general 8 bucks a piece.
  10. This isnt an issue, a 400w light is ideal for 1 square meter, its the reflector that will spread the light,find the spec of the reflector.
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    Like this.
  12. Thanks P42082 ive done a lot of research but never seen any diagram like that one. Many props to you. So a 400 is ok for four plants the 4 squares make up a little over a 3ft square.
  13. cheaper way to get more light on those plants..... paint all that bare wood white. white walls don't absorb all your light ^^
    or better yet get some mylar sheeting its really cheap and does wonders
  14. and if you paint the walls use a white matt paint ,better reflection,,,,,,,,mac
  15. Oh right, I see. They will soon fill out as wide as the pot so I wouldn't worry. Maybe building a small frame around the pots and up to the light and covering it with reflective or B&W sheeting would be worth doing. This will reflect the light back to the plants instead of it being lost on the peripheral
  16. GoldGrower thats basically what i did temporaily with an old freezer bag kind of thing and a white cardboard box and i fell they are a little happier leaves turning up to the light like ahhhh much better. image.jpg
  17. Yeah its fine and I also agree with what people say about matt white paint but mylar is by far a better option, just depends on your budget.
  18. There isnt anywhere to buy mylar around me (within reasonable drive) closest hydro store is in va beach about 1:10 hour ride one way can i rig anything using stuff from dollar general or food lion or advance auto... Would those things you put in car windshields work or no?

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  19. Hello fellow greenthumb. I think your fine with the set up your using. 400 watts with the hood is exactly what u need and you got it. I would just move your light up a little. That will help get more light coverage. Don't need to make a long trip or spend a bunch of money. Just get some flat white spray paint and spray everything in your grow room white. You'll be good man.

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