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Help A Stoner Out,

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IAmFreshman., Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Bored. And I Was Wondering Whats The BEST Thing To Do High?
  2. sex and gc..
    and eating
  3. posting in the right section maybe?!

    but nah that question probably has alot of different answers...
    i like to watch a good interesting movie with a good soundtrack and some good ass food.
  4. Dude, I've Been Smoking And Doing That ALL Day. I'd Have To Say I'm In A Chill Mood. Like Taking A Walk Outside Sort Of Chill. But I Don't Want To Do That. It's Cold. >.<
  5. Planet earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Any Movie Suggestions?
  7. Eat clam chowder with crackers!!!! JUST LIKE YOU WOULD WITH SALSA AND CHIPS!!!
  8. For a crazy ass depressing experience, Requiem for a Dream. Watched it for the first time very baked and it was certain to say an experience.
    For a fun time, I'm always a fan of Tenacious D. Not that great a movie, but a kickass soundtrack.

    Also, listen to Van Halen's 1984 album...don't question, just do it
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    i like to ride my bike and go down hills and sorta carve all over the road... but its -30 and im in university so i cant do that now :(.... i have to wait for summer

    fuckin eh 1984. fuckin sweet man
  10. I'm watching Planet Earth and smoking a bowl. I'd recommend that and GC at the same time.

    Food, too
  11. Planet Earth and Clam Chowder combined!!! LIFE CHANGING!!!
  12. oh man clam chowder in a bread bowl with saltines....
  13. legendary!!!

  14. Why even bring that kind of cock tease up? :(
  15. heahehaha you guys are too baked...

    imagine what a non smoker would think if they saw this site

    "what kind of pointless bullshit is this? weed must really be bad for the brain..."
  16. haha.... Yeah, marijuana is the devil!!!
  17. Yeah,
    But Thier People That Don't Apreciate Things.
    We're Just Better.
  18. #18 SloToke, Jan 25, 2009
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    Or Less/More Informed?
  19. Online - (don't hate, it's the shit)
    Free movies on or something like that. (google it)
    Music. music. music.
    Any stoner movie like Kush, half baked, how high, pineapple express, harold and kumar escape to guatomo bay.. etc.

    At home (alone)
    phone calls
    Get free tacos by calling you're local taco bell, telling them you found a pubic hair in your taco, and when they offer a refund except it. Go up there tell them you left the reciet at home but you just called about it.. then get your free taco. (worked for me)
    rubics cube.
    Find a good book.
    Go to and read some of them.

    With friends -
    Make up weird words
    Listen to music and jam out
    Make pointless conversation
    watch a movie
    Go outside and chill enjoying nature.
    Play destroy all humans
    play guitar hero or rock band
    Play a board game.
    play cards
    Changed My Life!!!

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