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  1. Hi guys,

    Firstly, I'm new to growing and I will preface this by saying most of this outdoor grow is an experiment just for me to enjoy. So be easy on me.

    I got these sweet little babes as healthy little clones, then I left them out and my dog ate ALL the leaves off. Ugh. To my surprise, they started to grow right back. I had hope, until now. They seem to have just stopped growing at this point. The roots have barely even grown into the soil. I am using advanced nutes grow micro bloom on all plants. I have one big babe who is doing well, with dark green leaves. But as you can see, these other guys are light green and starting to burn on the edges. I thought maybe a nitrogen deficiency but I'm just not sure. Any advice would be much appreciated! Are they a lost cause at this point? If so, is it too late to get some new clones to replace them?

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  2. Well I'm not sure what the issue is. But from the looks of things if whatever the problem is is fixed soon enough the plans should do fine. ( they aren't a lost cause yet). Until someone else chimes in I suggest you try to identify your issues with this. Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Plants! | Grow Weed Easy I always check this any time I have problems. Sometimes it's obvious.

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  3. Are you ph'ing the water?
  4. Thanks for the help, guys!

    Token_surf, I'm not Ph-ing the water. The guy at the hydro shop recommended Advanced nutrients Ph perfect and told me not to worry about monitoring it. He said it would even itself out no matter what. Think ph is the problem? Weird because my other plant is thriving with all the same stuff.

    After doing more research I'm thinking it could be nute burn. Thoughts?
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  5. I'm no expert, but that soil looks pretty wet. If you've just watered, then that's appropriate. If not, decrease your watering frequency and see what that does. Just my 2 cents. And if you are in soil, nute treatment should be infrequent.
  6. I had just watered that morning, trying to flush them a little. Generally I have been pretty good about letting them dry out but I'll keep that in mind. I do think you might be right about overfeeding though. I'm thinking maybe it's nute burn. I'm gonna cut back on feeding and see if that helps. Seems the main difference between burn and deficiency are those burnt tips.
  7. Well, what exactly are the plants in? If it's a soil with nutes already in it, don't feed for quite some time. But you got me curious, what exactly are they planted in?
  8. They are in a Vermisoil/pearlite mix. I took the advice of the hydro guy with regards to nutes but now I'm wondering if I got some bad info. I'm going to back off on the feeding for sure and see if they perk up a bit.
  9. Took a look at Vermisoil. If I were you I'd just water Ph'd water for now. Go with nutes once the plant lets you know it needs 'em. They'll probably green up right quick.
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  10. I agree, but i havent grown in anything other than organic dirt. I would flush the plants with like 3x the container size in ph'd water or as much as fessible. I do believe coco coir will drift he but i might be wrong. Next lots of light....
  11. I use the harshest cloning method of some crappy rooting powder and stick the cutting in a little epanded peat pot in a try outside on my grow table. I lose about 1/2 but the survivors sure are strong.
  12. Cool, I'll stop with the nutes for now and give them a flush. When exactly do I know when to feed? Just hoping these babes start to grow! Thanks for all the help :hello:
  13. I would think you should see some new growth in a couple of days.
  14. Ok guys, so I just checked the pH on those little plants and it came out as 7.5...yikes! So I guess that's the problem.

    The pH of my big plant that is thriving is 6.1 so that explains why the babies are sad and that one is doing well. So much for "pH perfect" nutes!
  15. Great news!

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