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Help a newbie out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DavidDeker2, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. So heres the deal, i am newer than new, so new that i havent even smoked yet. Heres the reason why. I am pretty young and just getting into the idea. All my friends smoke, and i have been with them but refused to join in around 10 times. They are accepting, of it but i would love to start.
    the thing is i have no idea why, but im sort of scared to smoke for my first time. I know for sure that im not scared of getting caught, and im not scared of anything bad happening, since i have done alot of reserch and know thats impossible. i think i am just scared of entering this knew thing that might be scary at first, and i dont wana freak out on my freinds. I'd just love to know how to go in confedint, and be able to experiance it for my first time, easily and happily without being nervous. thanks alot:)

  2. Can a Mod just go ahead and ban this kid
  3. So you haven't smoked but you want to? Why do you want to start smoking in the firs place?
    Well I would say just roll a joint and light it up and enjoy! If you like it then you'll begin a ride you won't like to get off!

    An if u don't like well weed isn't for everyone

    but chill out and try it
  4. I was just like you and refused to join in a lot of times, but finally i did it and it's fucking amazing. You probably won't get high the first time anyways so just do it and enjoy the smell/flavor of the bud. When you do get high though at maybe like your 3rd or 4th time, make sure you have about 4 or 5 hours to yourself so you can act normal because it's really hard when it's your first time. Good luck and how old are you?
  5. I also used to be just like you not too long ago. But then, I decided to join in. Just play it cool and be chill. Just enjoy the high and try to keep yourself calm.
  6. No offense but im thinking OP is around 14
  7. meh, i honestly dont care if he is 14, dude, trust me on this, just try it and see how ya like it, its true ya might not get high, i got buzzed my 1st time though and then high my 2nd time, its an amazing feeling though everyone should atleast try once or twice and decide if its for them:smoking:
  8. Just keep your age on the downlow and don't say things about you are young. Just sound curious next Yeah, just join in get high and enjoy the fun. Do not act stupid, just chill and if possible jam to some tunes.
  9. there's a reason why this site is 18+... its not to be "mean" to minors.... its for obvious legal reasons
  10. DO NOT get high just to fit in.

  11. Yeah, seems like the young kids are dumb and can not understand to keep the age on the down low.

  12. ^pretty much one of the worst things you could do other than nig. lipping or blowing out on a bong lol :D:hello:

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